So confused and torn...

There's a guy that I really like. When we first met, he had a girlfriend of many months. I didn't know at the time that they were in a serious relationship.
This didn't stop him from having s** with me.
My friends have told me that he's just a player and stuff, and one said to me that if he actually cared about me (he says he does), he'd break up with his girlfriend.
Well, he did.
So now I still can't tell if he broke up with her because of other reason, or if he likes me and that's why...
It'd be too big a coincidence for him to have done it for other reasons.
I don't want to get hurt too much...he tells me I'm pretty and he trusts me, and that he promises he won't do anything to hurt me.
I'm so torn because he's been a douche in the past, but he's seems genuine towards me.

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  • A relationship that starts in infedelity usually ends up in infedelity. Just saying. Most likely he will become a douche and show his true self. He can't change overnight from douche to prince charming. You yourself said you are worried about his "DOUCHINESS" in the past.

    You kind of answered your own question. Just listen to your guts.

  • Maybe the gf caught on to his player ways and broke up with him. ..but to make himself look better he's saying he broke up with her. Your torn because you like the attention. He's probably giving the same line to 4 other girls. He still sounds like a you want to date a douche? One that cheats? Plays games..then you should go for it. Otherwise, keep looking.

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