I'm a married mother of two in her mid forties. I have been going to the gym for a few months now and started to workout with this personal trainer. He is a black man in his early thirties and was in the army. I one the most pounds off in the gym competition and the gym paid for a dinner with all the members that were part of the circuit. We went to this local Italian restaurant for some wine and dinner. I am very attracted to my trainer and after dinner we kissed and I blew him in my car. I feel so bad about this because I love my family but my hormones got the best of me. I loved having that big black c*** down my throat. My husband is not that big and to have a c*** as fat as a kielbasa was unreal.

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  • Sounds to me like you are or w ere desperate for attention or to feel sexy. Happens a lot when women go work out with a trainer or join a running club. The endorphins kick in, and they're suddenly jumping on every guy that moves, except the one they go home to who supports their hoe ass.

    Go get a job. At least if you're sucking strange c*** then, you're at least pulling a paycheck for it.

    I hope your husband does the same thing; Picks up some fit, 22-year old, tight-ass honey to plug the h*** out of while you're at the gym, taking in big black c***..

  • good for you. If my wife has done that, good for her. I just don't want to know

  • Congrats! that was your prize for winning. Lol!

  • Nasty hoe.

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