Wow, what to do...

I wish I could figure out a way to do something that I dream about a lot. I am 46, straight, married for 27 years! I want to suck a man's c***. I want to suck him all the way down, and just drain him of all his c**. I get so f****** h**** thinking, and fantasizing about it! I have never done it yet, but I would LOVE to suck a black man who is also straight, and married. A new experience for both of us. I can only hope I meet the right man soon.
I dream of having his c*** all the way in my mouth, then grab his ass and pull it all the way down my throat. And then feel his c*** pulse with every shot of c** as it gets gulped while holding his c*** in my throat. I know, I know, weird, but hey, it's what I dream about. Any suggestions?

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  • Mention this fantasy to your wife. She might be supportive. My wife even offered to help me find a guy to suck.

  • How about you come to the realisation you are gay and dont cheat on your wife you disgusting pig. she doesnt deserve it.

    you are a selfish b******.

  • Glory hole.

  • I sucked c*** in all three marriages. My stepdaughter caught me when she was 7 and is 27 now and has never told. Her and I f***** when she was 19.

  • life is short. you are never gonna get a big fat blackcock in your mouth if all you do is post your little kink on an anonymous web sight. If you dont have a black friend to help out there are male whores.

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