Ht Neighbor

First off I'm a 57 years old male and happily married for 34 years. A younger couple moved in next door to us about a year ago, they are in they're mid 30's. It all started with a wave by me to the husband one morning, he came over and asked if I would be able to give him a hand moving a washer and dryer into the house, I said sure! When I went over to help, his wife was standing in the doorway that went into the house, she smiled and said I'm Victoria, Mikes wife. She's all of 5'3' maybe 95-100 lbs. with small b****** and a nice little ass. As I was standing talking to her, waiting for Mike to come back into the garage, I was unable to stop checking her out, I was thinking Damn I would love to f*** that! She had to know I was looking her up and down. She just had a t-shirt on with no bra with her little nipples hard, I was fixating on her t**'s and she knew it. I did not try to look away! Mike came back and we moved the washer and dryer. A week or two went by, Mike came back over asking for some more help in the house putting up a ceiling fan in there bedroom. Come to find out Mike is not much of a handy man when it come to working around the house. This is when I first saw her p****! I had got the fan most of the way installed but I needed some electrical tape to cover a wire, so I asked Mike if he had any and he said yes, he went down stairs to the garage to get it. I was standing on the bed holding up the fan, Victoria had on a pair of baggy shorts and was sitting at the head of the bed with her back against the wall, I looked down at her and smiled, I looked away back to the fan, when I looked back at her, she had pulled one leg up close to her and moved the other one to her side. As I looked down again I was able to see just a bit of her p****, I quickly looked away, not wanting to get caught but I had to look again, this time she a opened her legs more and must have pulled the one leg of the shorts so I would be able to see her p****. This time I had a clear shot of it, she just had a little patch of hair above it, I got a nice long look at it. She did not move to try to cover herself, she continued taking like nothing was wrong. Mike came back into the room, they she closed her legs. At this point all I wanted to do it get the ceiling fan up and get home because, needless to say I haven't had a Hard-On like that in years. Went home, had to get the wife to give me some head and as she was sucking my c***, all I was able to is visualize Victoria giving me head and me eating her nice little p****. A few more thing have happened with her but can't seem to make that last step to try to really do her. I can just watch her then go home and do the old lady!

Aug 25, 2012

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  • And as your wife was giving you head, she was fantasizing about sucking on mike's young hard c***.

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