I really need some guy or girl advice i

I really need some guy or girl advice i am male and i have a girlfriend. I love her alot i am 16 but i have this urdge to whene shes in the bathroom or something to take a pair of her panties or something do you think i should take it or not is it bad will she find out will she be really made i dont know please help me.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Take her dirty panties no use taking clean ones unless your gonna wear them take her dirty used ones and sell her sent while you j*** off you will spurt a far bigger load while smelling her p**** sent

  • Ask for the ones she's wearing, then offer her your shirt to sleep in, chicks dig wearing their boyfriend's shirts.

  • Hmm...

    I'd say take them, but buy her a new pair for her birthday.

    Keep the panty-cycle of life rolling.

  • Why don't you ask her if you can keep a pair. She'll love that you want a 'part of her'. Don't sneak them or she'll not trust you when she finds out. Better to keep an open communication than to build a relationship on secrets.

  • She wont be mad if you take them, but she will if you wear them!

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