i really want to do it but im only 13

i really want to do it but im only 13 and i get erection and i want to like really want to especially with this one girl and she said she is ready but i know im not ready im only 13

Jul 8, 2010

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  • My mum first rode me when I was 13. I'm 19 now and she's 34 , and we hump each other almost every night.

  • Wow

  • Chef says, when you're 17, you're ready. And Chef would never steer ya wrong, children.

  • if u don't have an older sister try that on ur mom

  • if u have an older sister hug her when u have an erection and see what she does

  • i would totally hit that.
    if you dont then you might be a little on the gay side

  • Kid just m*********. FOR REAL. Get some good p***, some good lube and you will be fine. 13 is too young to be getting some girl pregnant

  • Dont rush into it because if you do have s** with her she might tell peoople your bad and they will point and laugh!

  • if she says no then force it down her throat

  • ^ aww! date me!

  • Please wait trust me its worth it atleast until urin a great loving relationship, i would even suggest waiting until ur married, thats wat im doing and im 15.

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