I want **, but I'm a Christian and I

I want **, but I'm a Christian and I believe that premarital ** is wrong. That said: I've done a "lot" wrong, but I'm still holding out for actual **. I want to have fun, but there's so much conflict!!

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  • ^ that is the good part about being a catholic girl ^ I say, premarital ** is nescasary, I mean you don't want to get married to someone without first seeing if you are sexually compatable. I would hate to be stuck with a small ** forever, and cheating is just one more sin that can be avoided!

  • just do it, and then confess your sins away.

  • ** god!!
    Go get some ** now !!

  • I'll say it again: do what you know is right. That's what is so incredible about God: He forgives us. Ask for forgiveness and avoid making the same mistakes. <3

  • im free

  • The first comment is **. You're on the right track. Do what you know is right. You'll be fine, don't worry.

  • Yeah you might as well go all the way... What's your number?

  • ** is NOT the only way to have **; ** includes oral, **, bjs, and other stuff. It doesn't make sense to think that just because you haven't had '**' you're still a virgin. If you have done other stuff, you might as well go ahead and complete the course, since true Christianity means COMPLETE abstinence. There is no such thing as "half and half" in Christianity, either you're completely following the faith, or you are doing things that in reality go against the faith. You shouldn't fear what your religion/faith will do if you DO go ahead and have **, since you are sinning in so many other aspects.

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