The Craziest Camp

Ok so i am a 19 y.o girl named Ashely and this happened last year. So school was just about over and the week after school let out i was going to a relationship camp(i dont know why my mom signed me up for that class, i didnt even have a boyfriend at the time) but my partner was the guy i had a crush on for 2years and it was boys ask girls and was so romantic!!
so on the first day the loaded us on the bus and we got 2 seats me and my partner,sawyer, decided to put all of our stuff in one seat and sit together in the next seat. IT was a long bus ride but when we finally got to the hotel they first took us to a doctors office where the made us (the girls at least) strip down and the entered a "cup" in the v***** basically to keep the eggs from being fertilized in any case that cud happen. i was later notified that the boys had to have this stopper to take most of sperm out of the c**! well after that the took us to the hotel but when they tried to check us in the reservations were screwed up!! and they didn't have enough rooms open for all of us. but luckily the bus we were on had seats that folded down into beds. so they had the partners sleep together in one bed. so we pulled into wal mart and set up there. i had a pillow but sawyer didn't so he balled up a bunch of his close. then in the morning we woke up and went in to wal mart to buy some donuts the went driving again. then the second night i insisted that we share the pillow and we did but then the third night sawyer kept tossing and turning until he told me that his neck was soo sore from the "pillow" on the1st night so i rubbed his neck. then he ever so causally said my c*** cud use some a massage too. so i then went down on him and gave him my first bj( and if i do say so my self i did a pretty awesome job!)that eventually progressed to us making out and then him rubbing f****** and making out with my BIG b****. but me and sawyer were making to much noise and they saw us and kicked us off the bus so sawyer still sucking my breast carried me out and i managed to grab my sleeping bag that i stuffed our clothes in when we were just about off the bus i grabbed the cover of my best friend to find her partner playing with her v*****!! while she was still sleeping so the chaperons kicked them off the bus as well.
so we walked down the rode a little ways when we saw a bike trail we stopped at a little bench, and my bf was still so upset she went off in to the woods and when her partner went to go talk to her he told her we were going to stay at the bench. but we ended up going in the woods the opposite direction where i got f***** soo hard sawyer had a 5in c*** when soft( i didn't see when it was hard it was in my v*****)but Phillip had a short and fat d*** two amazingly different experiences!!we all ended up falling a sleep under a tree not a the bench where we told Lydia ( my bf)! so in the morning she woke us up screaming! and then the boys convinced her to have a little morning s**. it was awesome with all 4 of us and my favorite part was making out with Lydia's t***!! and also getting my t*** f*****!
so when we finally all went dry and was to sexually tired. we wanted lunch we didn't have any money so we went to the side of the high way( but first we got dressed we had all of our clothes except for my shirt)
so at the side of a rode we made, will work for shirt signs and stood there it wasn't until like 5 when a limo pulled up to us and said he want the girls and wud pay us 75 bucks! so we got in and went to his house he gave us these maid costumes and told us to go change so we did and found out they were not maid suits but more like s** uniforms (i mean they were short and had thongs with lacy bras!!)when we were almost done another girl came in and who about 25 she got into a similar outfit. she told us what we were in for she said that if weren't sexy enough mr chumber wud through us out with no money and she said we were going to have a s** all night er so 1st it was me and Lydia and then it was mrchumber with his stripper. then mr.chubber took me and Lydia into the pool where he judged us on when i won so then he called up his buddy and he f***** me and his friend f***** my bf. then when we were all done in the pool we got all oily and f***** in one pile on the bed. then at 4 in the morning he took us to Phillip and sawyer who found work for 5 old ladies who took advantage of then but paid them $125 so with all our money we bought a bus ticket back to our hometown stayed in a hotel for one more night (cuz the camp wud have gone i more night)( and had s** every where in that room!) then we went home and never told our parents.

we often have foursomes every week and are all like boyfriend gf now( like i hav 2 boyfriends).
lydia got pregnant 3 weeks after the camp while the 4 of us where having s** and she doesn't know who's the dad! but we do know that she ism't going to have abortion and we r thinking about all getting married and staring a family! so if u hear us on the newz u'll know!

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  • F*** you. I hate pple who make up s*** like this. Its all fake u r a horrible person and u and ur friends r s**** rot in h*** ugly b****.

  • Just bullshit

  • God help America! With children this illiterate we are completely doomed. I don't even have a clue how a school district could claim that they had educated a moron of this level of intelligence.

  • What are you talking about? I was on the honor roll and got a $10000 scholor ship. I was just typing this on my phone!!!!!

  • Doubt it

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