I wouldn't care if my little brother died.

My brother has major behavioral issues. He's only nine years old, and he can manage to hurt my feelings so badly that I can just break down and cry for hours. He abuses my youngest siblings, my parents like to blame it on "ADD," and I think he's the one that pulled my family apart.

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  • That is because he DID pull them apart. And he IS a problem. You are just not jaded by the stupid social constructs of our society. "Oh is WRONG to talk about kids that way" blah blah. Facts are facts, it isn't your fault if they are unpleasant or hurtful. The kid IS tearing apart your parents and he has no business abusing his younger siblings and to BLAME ADD is a freaking cop out. That is your parents trying to make excuses for him. You are right.

  • Look up pharmaceutical products :D

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