too short

He's amazing, woderful, everything I always said I wanted in a man and he wants me....but I won't ever be with him....he's shorter than me

Jul 8, 2010

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  • This was posted more than 6 years ago...we are married and have 2 children

  • Let him use his tongue and fingers

  • If he is more than 5 inches u should b ok

  • Hey, maybe you should understand that short men are great, because they are short they work much harder to please you! He may still have a big d***. Don't reject a man for being short. When you get fat it is even more tantalizing because they stick around.

  • ^ Good point! My family and in-laws use my height all the time. Its fine if I happen to be there, but I get requests to make a special stop just to get something down from somewhere. F***. A short step ladder. Use it. Stand on a box?

  • And all of you that want her to take the chance on the short guy would probably be the very ones laughing and saying how ridiculous it looks

  • You sound like my sister Tiffany. It is shallow and I keep telling her she should broaden her horizons and give guys that are shorter a chance.

  • And if every guy you meet from now on thinks you are too short.... You would be crying and blaming those evil men.

  • ^ So you are shallow too...understood.

  • It can be hard to get past traditional lgender roles...when the woman is taller than the man it can sometimes make her feel less feminine...understood

  • You aren't good enough for him, then. You should settle for men more your type - redneck bar-hoppers or the like.

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