I love my bestfriend...

So as the title says, I love my bestfriend. She is literally the world to me, I would do anything for her. She means so much too me, I don't know what I would do without her. But there's a huge problem she's been in a relationship with a guy for nearly two years. I helped her through everything, even when they were just about to break up. It's our senior year of high school and after high school I know she's going to Miami University, I love her so much, I don't know how I will do without her in my life. It's kind of scary to think about it but I know it's coming.

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  • If you love this girl, tell her. You might get rejected, hurt, or pitited but if you never tell her nothing will change - for better or worse. You probably might not listen to an internet stranger but it's best to tell her. I know I would like to know even if I was in a relationship. Personally, I would be flattered and feel a bit confused at the same time. And nothing would probably change dramatically but tell her how you feel. Stupid and probably really cliche but you could possibly live with that "What if..." for the rest of your life.
    In the end, it's your call.

  • Take her to your house.have s** and she would enjoy your love.

  • Hey,u love her so much.she also lovers u but not like that but she loves u.always remember this.

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