Lost my virginity to a stripper

Hi I love reading this site but never had a story of my own because I was a virgin until last week. I'm not bad looking but I'm just bad at talking to girls so I never got anywhere. I'm an apprentice mechanic at a garage and one of the lads at work is getting married so on friday he had a stag party at a local pub. The lads at work are always talking about s** and they know I was a virgin so they're always giving me s*** about it. At the stag party we all got drunk and there was a couple of strippers who came in and stripped and did some s*** like spanking the stag and getting him to lick cream off her nipples. It was pretty hot seeing naked women in real life for the first time. The 3rd stripper who came was really hot and did loads more than the others, she had a bag with toys that she put up her p**** and a***, and got the stag to lick cream out of her p****. She stripped him off and got him to suck her t*** and stuff and then she started sucking his d***. I was really shocked but all the other lads were laughing and cheering. He was really drunk so it took him ages to get hard and when he did she stood up and said who wants me to f*** him. Everyone cheered but he shouted NO and started putting his jeans back on. Everyone booed and she went over to talk to him and he was just shaking his head saying no so she said well i want to f*** someone whos up for it? Everyone was shouting stuff and someone pushed me to the front and said hes a virgin and everyone started cheering and going come on Chris get some p**** mate. I was so scared and didn't know what to do but this really hot stripper held my hand and walked me over to the chair the stag was sitting on and told me to sit down. Then she gave me a lapdance and I got hard really quickly and she started rubbing her t*** and p**** in my face and I was really nervous but kinda h**** now because she was so hot so i had a lick when her p**** was in my face which was really hot. She took my clothes off and squirted cream on my body and licked it off and she sucked some off the end of my d*** which felt sooo good. Everyone was going mental and I felt so weird sitting naked with everyone looking at me and laughing. She took a condom out of the top of her stockings and showed it to everyone and they were shouting so loud. She sat on my legs and said to me are you really a virgin? I said yes and she chucked the condom on the floor and put her hand round my d*** and lifted her p**** over it. Everyone was shouting bareback! bareback! bareback! and I was really worried but I was too nervous to say anything and I felt her p**** pressing on the top of my d*** and then suddenly it went in and she slid down so it went all the way in. Everyone went mental and it was so loud I didn't know what they were saying. I couldn't believe how warm it felt in her p**** and how good it felt. I wished people weren't watching and laughing but I finally had my d*** inside a hot woman and I loved how good it felt. She started riding my d*** quite fast and I was trying so hard to not c** because it felt way too good, the best feeling I've ever felt. I lasted about a minute but I knew I was going to c** so I told her but she just put her head over my shoulder and kept riding faster. I came so hard, the best c** I've ever had and I felt so good shooting my c** straight into her p**** that I forgot about everyone watching. She kept riding me and suddenly I heard the loudest cheer, everyone was going mental and people were pointing at where my d*** was going into her p**** so they must of seen my c** coming out of her. I felt so good and she kept riding me for a few more minutes until my d*** started going soft. She got off me and I saw my d*** was soaking wet and I put my clothes back on with everyone slapping me on the back and giving me high fives. One of my work mates told me it was a bad idea to let a stripper f*** me with no condom and he wished he stopped me so I was really worried and I got an sti test done yesterday but need to wait for results and they said I should go back in 3 months to do another one. Everyone says I'll be fine but I'm still worried but I loved having s** for the first time and it felt way better than I ever thought it would so I can't wait to do it again. I'm gonna ask out this girl I like because I really want to have s** again now.

Oct 1, 2012

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  • Thanks for the description I always wanted to know what a guys feels when he is having s**.

  • Congrats ur going to be a dad u s***

  • Next time try a q**** a*** hole is good too

  • Ahh that sucks man! I'm sorry to hear that's how you lost your Vcard. I hope everything goes well with the tests. Fingers crossed.

  • That's a hot story. Wish I could have had a hot experienced woman for my first time.

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