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I think this is more an 'asking for help' confession then anything else. Im 98% sure that my partner is using meth. He has crazy mood swings, often picking ridiculous fights with me until Im really upset then apologizing after 24 hours or so after he's either come down or realised what he said. He gets dizzy and sweaty and often asks to borrow money so he can pay back people he owes. For what i don't know.

He's either the most charming and considerate person or the most rude and obnoxious person there is. He's overly possessive and doesn't want to mix with my family or friends even though he's been invited. He thinks they all hate him and he's accused me of not loving him enough. Im at my wits end, i don't know much about drugs but all this seems like meth use. But aren't users also supposed to get bad teeth and skin? He doesn't have that. He does have bad sleeping patterns, staying up all night sometimes two nights in a row, headaches and dizzying spells. Please, has anyone had an experience like that? It sounds like he's on it, right? I don't know how to explain it all otherwise.

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  • Yes it sounds like it, You may want to leave befor he loses it and hurts or killed.Take it from me get out know

  • Run

  • Dump him before he goes gay for pay & gives you HIV

  • As a meth addict I have to say it sounds like he is one too. We dont like confrontation about our drug use and we avoid family members although it does hurt us to do so but we dont want family to see us in our condition "tweaked" . When we do come down all we want is to chase the high again to get back to feeling "normal". See we are programmed to avoid detox. To us detox is horrible mostly because we enjoy the high but also detox is like telling people you f***** up. You have to commit yourself to literally dying for a week or two only living to eat drink and use the bathroom. Even a shower is unattractive during detox and when you do shower you go right back to sleep. You dont know if you can function after detox. You think you cant so you dont even want to try. If we do decide to detox we absolutly want to know that when we get to the other end someone is there to love us. We wont be forced to detox unless arrested and gone to jail.As far as the teeth and skin...Thats only if he has been chronic and over a period of time. It took Me 4 years to lose My teeth which I now have dentures. The best advice I could give is move out and when he begs you to stay be honest with him tell him you will stay if he detoxes and you will support his sobriety. Whatever you do dont try to force the issue. Just state it and let him make the decision. Good luck

  • Reply to the comment above:
    How old are you, you seem like the perfect guy for me lol.
    For some reason I am attracted to meth users..
    Eh, I don't do that stuff so it's confusing even to me why I take interest.
    This isn't a fake post either.
    Hope you find/have a girl that treats you right!

  • I appreciate your input so much. Thank you for this. I hope you manage to beat your addiction. You sound like an intelligent and caring person.

  • You need to be selfish and look out for your own best interest. If they are on drugs that's exactly what they will do. They will steal, lie, and cheat to make sure they get what they want - drugs. You will become a tool to get them drugs.

    It is ok to try and help them and try and get them help. If they reject that help or are unwilling to change, then you need to recognize you are making a choice of unhappiness.

    My wife's brother is an addict. She tried to help him more than once. Eventually, her only option was to cut off all contact with him. If she didn't, his inability and unwillingness to change was going to dictate our life.

  • Thanks for sharing your story. Im sorry to hear about your wifes brother. I hate drugs, they ruin so many things. I asked him if he was doing drugs and he swears he's not but i know he has in the past and i don't know how to help if he won't admit it. I think i may have to cut off contact. We have a newborn and i don't want my child being around that.

  • Since you refer to him as your partner it must mean you 2 are time you are sucking his d*** pull out some meth and toss it across the room.if he pulls out and runs to it ,hes hooked on meth

  • Your response is embarrassing. Why open your trap? Partner can refer to same s** and opposite s** couples. Maybe you've been abusing yourself with drugs because it seems you're seriously lacking brain cells.

  • Something is going on. Are his parents or other friends concerned with his behavior? Sounds like drug abuse, but he could also be dealing with a mental illness and self-medicating to deal with his mood swings. Bad teeth and skin aren't immediate results, but do happen. Have you ever just asked him point blank - what are you on? or what's going on? Why do you owe money? If he's not willing to seek help, then you have to take care of yourself. There are things you can do for you. Stand by your bottomline and don't give in. Don't enable him, NEVER give him money. EVER. There may also be a local chapter of alanon that you could attend. It will give you tools on how to deal with a possible loved one with an addiction.

  • Thanks so much for your advice, i appreciate it.

  • You might want to see if he's gambling. . .

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