Always back to him -.-

I like this boy ALOT. but he has a girlfriend. She goes to college in a different state and shes not even that great of a girl. she doesn't treat him right at all and she p***** him off a lot. Me and him go to the same school and we hang out almost everyday. I feel like a horrible person for liking him, but we did hook up once before. Everyone thinks we're dating and he's just too nice to me. I know why he won't break up with her if he wanted to. I know they won't last long but at this point idk what to do. He knows i like him but he never said if he liked me or not. There's just something about him that i can't get away from. He's everything I want in a boy and I know theres other fish in the sea, but i really want this fish. I also know its wrong for me and him to hang out all the time but he's the one who wants to hang out. Its tough. Should I wait cause I know they won't ask? Or should i risk the way things are now to change and talk to him about it?

Oct 5, 2012

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  • There was this great episode on "how I met your mother," about the people we know like us, but we don't want to be with them, just like knowing we COULD if we did want them. Sounds like you're "on the hook," in this guy's mind. Btw... The show is on Netflix.

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