Just found out I had kid with lying white girl

Several years back I met a cute white b**** that seemed a little stuck up out at Halloween with several of her friends. They were drinking and party hopping and I had caught a ride with them. I noticed some uncomfortable looks being the only black guy with them, so I gave them a fake generic black name. I was never going to see them again. Somehow we all ended up crashing at the same place. She had been drinking and eyeing me all night and I had a little buzz myself. It seemed a little odd, because she did not seem the type that would be into somebody like me, but you can never tell which white girls are after the black meat, so I snuck in where she was later. I told her I liked cute stuck up b****** she smiled and I removed her panties. I removed my clothes, she saw my rock hard black d*** and she spread her legs, then and got on top of her. She did not say no. She was soaking wet and slick and ready, so I started to push inside but found she still had her cherry. I just took my time and was gentle and got through and all the way inside her and started f****** that cute white b**** silly. She pulled me close to her. I usually don't wear condoms and did not have a condom on. She did not ask about it, so I figured she was on the pill. She was so tight. I kept thrusting and came inside her many times. It felt great and I was glad to be her first and made sure that cutie got the best f****** of her life. She was enjoying it and orgasmed a few times but was trying to be quiet and not make alot on noise about it and finally passed out. I figured she kept the noise down cause she did not want her friends to know what she was doing with me, a black man she didn't even know. I had to be somewhere, so I left early before anyone else woke up. I felt great the next day thinking her friends would probably never know what a w**** for black d*** and what a night we had together. I normally stick with black girls, but she was not the first white girl that had wanted to try out my big black d*** and a lot of married women have tried me out as well. I don't normally remember all the details of my one night stands, but that cutie was such a great f*** that she stuck with me. I found out quite by accident years later on a random internet search that she had lied and told the police she got drugged and raped by some big bad black guy and don't remember anything that happened and had made up a big story surrounding it. I would never rape anyone. My cute virgin one night stand turned out to be some Catholic girl that ended up pregnant her first time having s**, which was with me, and being Catholic she did not have an abortion and had the baby and gave it up for adoption. What a f****** b**** crying rape, when it was consensual s**. Good thing I hadn't given her my real name. She made up the whole rape story to cover her ass and get sympathy after she regretted having s** with a black man and realized she could end up pregnant. She probably lived in some cracker town where they did not like their women going for black men. I hope one day she owns up to her lies. Maybe a hundred years from now, white girls won't feel the need to make stuff up when they get with a black man.


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  • There had be a reason she was so quick to f*** you all night without protection. She doesn't sound like a virgin and probably only told you that, because she was still tight enough and guys like to hear that they are bedding a virgin. She most likely was with another black guy a few days before you without using protection and had already been impregnated by him and suspected she that was, so she then used your one night stand together to stage the "rape" that got her pregnant.

  • Just think. If she hadn't have been Catholic, the story would have ended like thousands of other parties. However the moral of this tale is - always use protection.

  • Also don't stick it in crazy.
    Don't stick it in crazy even with protection.

  • I read about someone named Liz Carl with an almost identical story to yours. She claimed that she was drugged and raped and didn't report it for a long time. I searched around and she has repeated the same story over and over, but her story never made sense about waiting so long after the "rape" and some other choices she made until I read your story. Assuming you are telling the truth on and your story is also her story, she is a piece of work. Reading the insightful and not so insightful comments below paint a picture of a sad woman. I looked up her picture on the internet. She is definitely not much to look at but it has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder or your buzz just majorly warped your vision. The stereotype is that black guys getting with thick white girls is fairly common. I also heard that she was dating a black guy and getting serious with him. If Liz Carl was your "cute white b****" so long ago, you were wronged. Some things that don't add up for a normal rape victim is waiting so long to report the "rape", her wanting to keep the baby, the open adoption to keep the child in her life, and running into the arms of another black guy. She must have practiced that story in front of the mirror so many times that she believes it herself that she was raped that night. Many people instantly jump to the defense of the white rape victim when the rapist is black. Throughout history, too many black men have hung because a white woman would never admit that she was just wanted to s**** somebody and the black guy was willing and available. If you are confessing truthfully, you what are your goals? Just setting the record straight? You may never be in your child's life because of the story she told everyone and has too much riding on. It is your child, but being half her, it is tainted. She may never admit it wasn't rape. You may not get a fair trial and even end up with jail time if you try to come forward now.

  • That girl is crazy. She obviously has a thing for black guys, but not consequences. Sorry you are having to go through that. I have seen cases like yours where the girl goes back to her old ways and everyone she has lied to sees her for the w**** she is. When this lying w**** runs into the arms of another black guy, everyone will finally see her for what she is.

  • Wear condoms. H*** hath no fury like a woman scorned. She is being vengeful. Reading the story and your comments, she probably felt abandoned and mad at you because you left, then scared. To you, a partier, it was just a great f*** and nothing more than another one night stand. Being her first time, it was very special to her. She willingly gave you her virginity, and you made her feel like a woman that night and special, but then you left early the next day, like she was nothing. She was probably p***** at you because you left early and made her feel cheap and extremely stupid for f****** some guy she had just met. She eventually cooled off, but was scared weeks later when realized she got pregnant her first time having s**. Maybe she believed the myth that she couldn't get pregnant the first time having s**. She had no trouble with you being black when you two were f****** and the o****** you gave her, but now she now has to deal with the consequences of that night arriving 9 months later. She's pregnant by a black man, and you left early and never tried to contact her again. The truth means admitting that she willingly f***** a black guy she had just met that night without protection like she was in heat. Many people will think of her as stupid, a white w****, and she'd have the shame and questions as the pregnancy shows, and the looks from people, and have to take responsibility for her actions and her bad choices. The drugged and raped story covers a lot. It explains away the fact that she did not report the "rape" immediately and waited several weeks later after she realized that she was pregnant by a black guy she didn't really know. She now gets sympathy as a victim of a "rape" and nothing is her fault, some may feel that she is strong for carrying the baby to term or would support her aborting. She likes the attention, but can't/won't care for the child herself, but the open adoption allows someone else to raise it and she can still stay in touch.

  • Ewwwww....who would f*** a n*****....

  • Watch the f and the n words pal.

  • Ewwwww,who would f***,an ugly ass white cracker,like yourself!!!

  • Hey! Their not all crackers pal.

  • It looks like this white w**** he was telling us about did, and she came up with a rape story later on when her period did not come. It seems like more than one white w**** has done the same thing.

  • She had her cherry and you thought she was on the pill? Does not make sense. You run a round f****** like a dog but don't usually wear condoms. If this is true you are a stupid f***, but I suspect this is someone's fantasy.

  • My sister was on the pill since she was 13 to keep her periods regular. She didn't mess around with anyone till she was in her twenties.

  • That's the kind of daughter you want. Good on her.

  • Good for your sister. Really. Good show. Waited till her twenties. Awesome.

  • Do you remember any other details from that night like her name? Was it Liz by any chance? If so, I think I know who you are referring to, but our definition of cute is way different.

  • Most black guys think any white girl is cute. Many even think those fat s***** girls no white guy would touch are thick and beautiful.

  • My sister cried rape too. She was a white girl that partied and let some black guy s**** her. She first tried to say it was rape, but much later confessed it was just s** and she did not even know the guy, but was scared everyone would think of her as a s***. She was on the pill, but she got still got knocked up by that guy. She was kicked out if the house and lives on public assistance with her little niglet. We were never close, but last time I ran into her she had another baby on the way and said the baby daddy was black.

  • Sorry about your sister man.

  • I knew a white girl like that too. She was on birth control pills for a long time. She couldn't seem to get it through her head that the pills were not working for her, and she kept trying the pills anyway. She ended up pregnant multiple times and had at least 4 or 5 kids with this black guy she was seeing.

  • I too knew a white girl like that who was actually kinda cute. She drank at a party and with inhibitions lowered slept with a black guy from her school who had been wanting to get in her pants.

    The s** must have been okay, because they began dating, which she did partly because she enjoyed the taboo and partly because she thought her father wouldn't approve.

    Didn't see her a few months, but when I saw her again, she had a very pregnant belly. She had been on birth control pills for a long time, so they hadn't used any protection, but based on her due date she had gotten pregnant that first time they had s**.

    She stayed with that black guy a few years and had 3 mixed kids by him, and said she was on birth control every time, but she still got pregnant. I would have thought after the first one and surely by the second pregnancy she would have wised up, but nope.

    The black guy left her, and she complained that only black guys wanted her, because she had 3 black kids.

  • Tell the truth you raped her fool.

  • She came up with the rape story after her period did not come.

  • I would never rape anyone fool.

  • She was drunk! And quite all the racist crap. Not all white girls are like that. I am one so I do know. Just shut you face and don't brag about it. As far as she thinks/remembers it was rape.

  • I just posted this and I ain't done. You need to watvh the crap you call women. Don't curse at 'em or call 'em s**** or whores. Just watch yourself dude. I'm 21 and I know more than you about women.

  • Both were drunk and made a bad decision. The white girl only pulled the race card out with a big black boogeyman rape story weeks later after her period did not come. The girl decided against an abortion and had an open adoption so someone else could raise the mixed kid but still stay in touch with the it. It appears that the girl even a little drunk knew it truly wasn't rape and couldn't bring herself to abort her mistake. It doesn't sound like he was bragging, just getting what happened off his chest and how he felt/feels. A girl that behaved like she did and falsely crying rape hurts all of the women that are truly raped and is a w**** and a liar. She is going to have to keep telling that false rape story the rest of her life to cover up her mistake. Maybe you are right and she told that false rape story so much that she actually thinks/remembers/believes the lie herself.

  • That's the way a lot of women are. The think it is easier to lie than deal with reality and take responsibility.

  • Most girls whether they admit to it or not fantasize about having BBC. I'm a 24 year old girl and I've had black c*** in the past... when I was 20 I used a dating site specifically to get black c***... and trust me ITS WORTH THE HYPE. I couldnt walk for 3 days after. White c*** just isn't as enjoyable anymore. I'm on the pill so guys can c** inside as often as they want and they do.

  • Well I've had many a p**** tell me after I tore up their holes that they couldn't walk and were sore for a week and I'm just an average size joe in the p**** department, so I know your claim is bullshit and that you've only psyched yourself out and may be trying to psyche others into believing that way also... further more I find in your own words the truth comes out, mainly by the word "HYPE" that you may have sub consciously used when you wrote "ITS WORTH THE HYPE."


    Hype 1
    verb (used with object)
    to stimulate, excite, or agitate (usually followed by up ): She was hyped up at the thought of owning her own car.
    to create interest in by flamboyant or dramatic methods; promote or publicize showily: a promoter who knows how to hype a prizefight.
    to intensify (advertising, promotion, or publicity) by ingenious or questionable claims, methods, etc. (usually followed by up ).
    to trick; gull.

    exaggerated publicity; hoopla.
    an ingenious or questionable claim, method, etc., used in advertising, promotion, or publicity to intensify the effect.
    a swindle, deception, or trick.

    hype 2
    1. a deception or racket
    2. intensive or exaggerated publicity or sales promotion: media hype
    3. the person or thing so publicized
    4. to market or promote (a product) using exaggerated or intensive publicity
    5. to falsify or rig (something)
    6. (in the pop-music business) to buy (copies of a particular record) in such quantity as to increase its ratings in the charts

  • Dude thats why nobody should party and f***, nothing good ever comes out of a situation like that, everything is much more for real if you do it all while sobor and not while either of you are in a mind altering state but nobody to blame but yourself..... hope you wise your young stupid ass up now and learn your lesson...

  • You can party,just don't drink. Makes for fuzzy thinkin. You loose your inhibitions. Most young guys and girls think to have a good time you have to drink. That's when all the bad things happen. So again. Party on. Just don't drink. That way you can keep your wits about you. If your friends drink (girls) and you don't, watch out for them.

  • You are racist. Every other sentence says something about either your or her race.

  • I was to let everybody know what went down. I am not racist. I like all p****.

  • Awwww.. little white girl hurt your boyish pride! guess she wasn't to proud of getting some of that "big black d***" as you call it, after all was said and done she just knew it was an experience she couldn't live with the rest of her life....

  • She must have proud in some way. I think she knew deep down that aborting it was wrong, since it was s** she regretted having later and not rape. She ended up having an open adoption so she could keep in touch with the kid, but have someone else bring it up.

  • I bet she regretted. Open adoption it's not exactly to keep in touch. It's mainly for medical history in case the kid gets something because if not mom than it's the dads medical problem. If not the dad than it's moms medical problem. No. I don't think she was proud in any way. Look what she bore.

  • She had the choice not to drink and not to have unprotected s**, but she made those bad choices. She had gotten pregnant with a black man's baby. Her secret night of s** wouldn't stay secret for long, because the baby bump would give her away eventually.

    She had a choice to tell the truth and feel shame from everyone, or to lie and get sympathy. She chose lying and making up the drugged and raped story. She can't bring herself to abort her child, since she knows her baby wasn't conceived in a rape, since she had been a willing party to the s**. The innocent white virgin drugged and raped by the evil black guy story would have been believable if she had come forward immediately to police and hospital, but that didn't happen. The supposed victim waited weeks until after she realized she was pregnant and then crafts a story where she is an innocent victim and not responsible for anything, to explain her pregnancy.

    She has nothing to be proud of. Hopefully she regrets every moment of her life about having to lie and continue lying to everyone around her to cover up her mistake and not being to fully be in her child's life. Surely someone around her suspects the truth and suspects she is lying, because her story just doesn't seem believable.

  • Rape is horrible. Almost all women wouldn't want anything to do with a child fathered by a rapist, even carrying a rapist's baby to term is very unusual. The open adoption is also very unusual as it would give her more of a chance to stay in touch depending on the circumstances than a normal closed adoption where the birth mother would be completely cut off from the child. This doesn't seem like she was raped. She and the black guy were both very stupid to be f****** without any protection.

    She had a wild night at a party involving drinking and secret unprotected s** with a guy who happened to be black. The s** was thrilling to her and made her feel all grown up and a little naughty. This happens at a lot of parties. Like most women, everything was fine, it was her little secret and nobody would ever found out about what she had done, not her friends and especially not her parents. That is unless something bad happens like a sexually transmitted infection or pregnancy. Her bad choices weren't aware to her immediately in those following weeks, but had consequences when weeks later period never came.

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