my girlfriend has a 3 month old baby

my girlfriend has a 3 month old baby. (its not my kid) we started dating when she was 5 months pregnant. we had great ** when she was pregnant. but we havent had ** at all since the baby came. she told me we're taking a break the other day. i love her but im so angry from this decision that i want to cheat on her. i want to bend some girl over and ** their brains out! this is a long distance relationship too. which makes it that much harder to not cheat. i just wish she knew how much i love her and i truly am trying to make things work. but i know i have to finish college so we can have a good life.

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  • If you're taking a break, that means it's time to find some yet-untouched ** to bend over and ** hard. She doesn't need to know. You have your needs.

  • Next time she refuses ram your fist up her filthy hugh **!
    That'll show her..

  • Please kill ypurself

  • Her ** probably is probably still tore up.

  • Kys

  • Does no one out there understand what its like to have a baby? ** is very low on the list of priorities!! Her hormones are still screwed up too probably. and maybe shes not feeling very ** right now. Give her a break!! If thats your only problem with her maybe you should step back and look at all the stuff you really love about her.

  • Maybe you should move on. If there is no bagage between you two.Life is too short to play games.

  • you have to talk to her about how your feeling. dont tell her you wan tto cheat of course, but tell her that you feel that you should work your ** life back into your relationship. ask her why she wants to have this break from ** and find a way to fix her discomfort. if you love her you wont cheat. i have had a gf do this same thing to me and thats what i did.

  • You're a good guy. She's lucky to have you. Please understand that she's under a lot of pressure because of the new baby. That child has to be her number one priority. I'm sure her "I want a break" statement is not personal.

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