Cant stop

I am 13 and I love to watch p*** i dont want to watch it but i just cant resist. i no its wrong but i cant help it.the p*** i watch is lez p*** and now that i watch it i dont feel any emotion towards liking boys or girls how can this be.

Oct 7, 2012

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  • You know what? There's nothing wrong with exploring sexuality. The more you know, the better equipped you are to make informed decisions and be smart about how you choose to live your life. And if watching p*** keeps you from having s** before you are prepared to deal with the consequences, all the better.
    Just keep in mind that p*** is not real life. In real life, pregnancy, STDs, and bad s** happen, consent is key, and There Are Always Consequences. Have fun!

  • No? you can watch p*** on youtube -.- lesbian p*** is easy to find, trust me... thousands of people watch it... if it wasnt alot, youtube would ban it -_- ive watch p*** when i was 12... lesbian p***... and i just delete it from my history, tho i dont watch p*** anymore... i still know that people watch it, without getting in trouble -_- and why would her parents go to prison? they have p*** on tv... and lesbians kissing on tv... its not like kid p***, so stfu. VVVVV to that person.

  • First of all how the f*** did you get your hands on p*** at 13...your parents need to be put in prison

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