Fear of dentist

First let me say please dont laugh. I have an extreme fear of the dentist im terrified by the sheer thought of going to one its been about 12 years since i went to one backe when i was 7. my teeth are not in bad shape its just my back tooth is cracked in half and hurts like h*** i want to go to a dentist but im scared out of my mind last time i was at one the dentist did not numb me properly and i sat through getting three teeth yanked out while feeling everything i tried to yell stop the dentist just went on with the procedure like he didnt even notice that was my last experience with a dentist. my friend went to the dentist recently and he had the time of his in his words he said dude i went to the dentist and you shoulda seen i my dentist she was this hot ass asian chick with a big rack for my dentist and the whole time she was doing the surgery her chest was right in front of me and i didnt feel a thing when he told me this i was like wow god i hate you. Well now my back tooth is cracked in half and it hurts to eat but i still rather break my arm than go to a dentist at least when i broke my arm i barely felt anything does anyone out there know a good dentist in LA

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  • Hey don't be afraid, I worry that's going to happen to me every time I go but it don't. It's normal to be anxious. Just don't let it override you. You have control to stop the proceedure if it did hurt but I highly doubt it will. Not in this day and age plus your older and able to control the situation. It really does not hurt and dentists will make sure you are unable to feel a thing before they proceed. I'd imagine it's hard for a dentist to get a correct gage for that for a 7 year old so it was a mistake on his behalf. The odds of that happening again is very, very slim. Get that tooth out, you don't want an abscess under that because it can cause very serious health issues. Heck people have even died from abscesses in teeth. Think about the pain your already in and that once you get it pulled it will be instant relief! F*** the pain I've been in with my tooth, I tried to pull it out myself without numbing it just to get rid of the pain lol you'll be fine, they might even give you a Valium before hand. You'll have the time of your life...floating on a f****** cloud lol

  • Even though you don't go, do have dental insurance? Ask your friends and look on yelp for one. I know going to a dentist is scary. But if you just tell the nurse that you have anxiety surrounding it, they'll take care of you. There's also 1 800 Dentist (they're headquartered in LA), they may be able to find you someone too. Good luck and don't wait.

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