Hidden Secret

My Boyfriend doesnt know I Used to work at King of Diamonds...a strip club...I needed the money for college. Well, he finally took me home to meet his parents..His dad was one of my regulars. I have given him a few handies in the champagne room.

Should I confess to my BF?

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  • Tell him. If he really loves you, he'll get past it.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO!!!Not just NO,but h*** no!!

  • Just tell him "i have some good news and bad news,good news, your d*** is bigger than your dads."

  • Hopefully, she won't be lying. :P

  • What you did prior to meeting your boyfriend is your business. Just like your boyfriend has had other women in his life, do you need to know about them? Most likely not. You're not cheating and it was the past. Let it go. I think the only time you would have to consider saying anything would be if his father used that bit of information for his own personal gain..but sounds like his dad would lose to if that information became public knowledge.

  • No, unless you want to break up, the past is the past. Does he really need to know? I posted in another confession about my GF, did I really need to know she was in a gang-bang. No, sometimes I wish she hadn't told me, because then you wonder what else is there. I also suspect she had s** with her female room mate in college, but I may never know.

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