Every time I say "I love you" my heart

Every time I say "I love you" my heart breaks a little more. I don't love you, I'm just say it because you have naked pictures of me and I want to be sure they're gone before I dump your immature ass.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Did you learn anything dumb b****?

  • wow...

  • Haha.

    Do as I do.

    Take up masturbation.

  • ... why'd you gim him/her the pictures? Or let them take it, whatever.

  • It's not your heart breaking a little, dumbass. It's guilt. Get your pictures back and grow up.

  • i should have done that before i broke up with some losers. maybe then my ass wouldn't be plastered all over a bunch of stupid websites for 14 year old's

  • haha sux to be you

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