Confession time

The deal is... i have had a boyfriend for about 5 years now. and weell he's sweet and everything but I just don't feel sexually turned on by him anymore. theres absolutely no heat... i hate it when he breathes on my neck. he always has bad breath, so i really dont like it when he tries to go down on me... and he thinks drooling all over my b**** is sexy... he gets me wet in the wrong waay!! i manage to get him to c** every f****** time and all along i'm thinking oh please be done already! there's been sooo many times in the past when i just couldnt get enough of him i wanted his c*** all day. i dont know whats different. i think i've changed. but i do care for him, i love him. i really dont wanna tell him he's bad/ horrible in bed. i think it would break his spirit. it's the relationship coming to an end? or should i just wait until it gets good again? maybe i'm just going trough a rough patch on my life, there's other stuff involved.

Oct 14, 2012

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  • Without more information, it's difficult to suggest to you what to do. Sometimes people do just change and it's nothing anyone can do to prevent it. Other times, it's time to buckle down and work on a relationship you care about. Obviously his s** skills are lacking or now creeping you out for some reason and you need to communicate that to him. Otherwise, how can anything change and improve ?

  • Break his nose

  • Dump the guy

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