O.k please no one judge me for what I'm

O.k please no one judge me for what I'm going to say sometimes I feel like I need to live a fantasy life I have stolen from people I have known my entire life and I just want someone who I l*** after to like me back and I dont to want to feel like the middle child all of the time I dont want to feel like I want to kill myself. I'm sorry if anyone thinks I'm lying but... I'm not.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • this person probably plays a lot of video games

  • Commenting a comment: Just because you're a teenager, doesn't mean you can't be unhappy fo real. :/ So you people have got to stop using "it's only your RAGING HORMONES!" to dismiss someone's unhappiness!

  • my guess is you're a teenager. Hormones are always going crazy, you'll get through it and figure out there are a lot of things worth living for a and more important things than yourself.

  • At times we all want to live that fantasy life. But it is just that..not real. And also the grass appears greener on the other side but usually is not. Having someone l*** after you or you them is a great thing. It happens for some but not for all of us.
    So on that hang in there and stop think about killing yourself. Some of those great fantasies may be right around the corner for you.

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