I love big toys

I'm a 40 yr old woman and I love being full my husband has an average c*** but I love a big d**** stretching me out I can c** many times with my d**** and vibrator but can't c** with my husband I love him but I love my d**** more it is so big and I play with it every day sometimes I put nudist in myself it feels sooo good

Nov 1, 2012

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  • Lol babies stretch it out

  • I'm a married woman and have a big toy also feels good

  • Glad to know im not the only lady , I lovethe same

  • Nothing strange about this I like a big d**** inside me while using a vib on my c*** no man can make me c** like I can with this method , I still like s** with my husband but when I really want to c** this is awsome u should try john holmes d**** or bam really amazing

  • I'm married and love big toys to my favorite is the bam d**** it ois soo big won't slip in to easily but whe it does so awesome I wait till he goes to work and can c** multiple times with this inside and a vibrator on my c***. Thx for this post thought I was the only woman who hid this from husband

  • They make sleeves that can lengthen and/or thicken his p**** considerably. So you can have s** with him and be stretched full at the same time.

  • There's two reasons why you can't c** with your hubby. Number one, you're stretching yourself out, so there isn't as much friction when he's inside you. Number two, you're numbing your nerve endings with that vibrator crap.

    Take a break from that s***, and take the time out every day to do two things: try to bring yourself to o***** just stroking your c***, and do at least 50 Keigel exercises (you can Google this if you don't know what those are). Within a week or two you'll start finding it easier to o***** by just stroking your c***. Within a month (maybe more, depending on how stretched out you've allowed yourself to get) you'll start feeling like your hubby's d*** has grown in size when he's inside you (because, of course, you're tightening back up). And if your hubby doesn't know how to get you off by the time you've gone through this transition, for god's sakes train him. And on top of that, train yourself. There's lots of ways to feel good sexually and get intense o****** other than resorting to mechanical means. Sure they may take longer, but that's part of the fun - would you rather feel good for a short period of time or feel good for a long period of time? It's a no brainer.

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