I need a freak in the bedroom

There are two main things that really turn me on as a young woman: being sexually controlled, and knowing that I'm giving pleasure to my partner. Being choked, seductively bitten, scratched, held down, doggystyle... anything primal and animal in nature. This, coupled with the knowledge that I'm fulfilling a man's sexual desires and pleasuring him, is the absolute icing on the cake.
I also love the idea of giving b******* and swallowing, purely from the thought of giving pleasure as I mentioned above.
I think of it like this: in terms of physical gifts, I may not be able to buy my future partner an expensive car or house. I can, however, give him my body and my attention (which I would only do if I knew he'd love and appreciate the gift I was giving him).

Can a man be both sexually aggressive and a loving nurturer? Or are they mutually exclusive traits? I hope not...

The old maxim 'Treat her like a queen, f**k her like a s***' comes to mind.

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  • I also thinks the same way u do. I m male and have passed 15 sexually active years of my life with a hope of having a partner who thinks that a person who loves and cares a lot for u can be rough and hard in bedroom and want the same from u too. Unfortunately i read ur confession and that made me feel that i m not the only who thinks like this god made u too like me. I m from an Orthodox country so all my female partners till now has expected me to be soft add gentle in the bedroom too. I love my wife like anything but she too have same expectation from me to be polite and caring in bed. So, i m really happy that u think same way we really can be soul mate!!!!!

  • Yes u r right i think all the men in this world are not same i am a person exactly wishing to have a girl like u in my life but on the othe hand i always benn with the girls who compared emotional and physical on same bases. I do love to do it rough with my partner and i love her like anything but she thinks i should be soft and polite in bedroom like i m outside the bedroom. I passed almost half of my life waiting for smone like u thinking same as me. I know we cant meet but i m happy that god has created atleast smone who thinks like me!!!!!!!

  • Fetlife.com is awesome for bdsm

  • Yeah i know the natural hard cave man style s** your talking about would love to find a woman who would just bend over and take it from her man because she knew she was wanted and desired

  • Hey you well you should look at the bdsm chatrooms, it has lots of info about being a sub you should find a munch meeting in your area everyone goes in norm clothes and chats about that kind of stuff, I don't have any in my area and don't drive so I don't have that luxery good luck

  • I'm not interested in becoming a sub, to be honest; it's more about being in a real, mutually fulfilling relationship with someone who knows how to take control in the bedroom.
    Plus, I can't say I'm into whips and chains. I like it raw and natural.

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