My boyfriend is the most gorgeous man

My boyfriend is the most gorgeous man in the world, he is tall, athletic figure, dark hair, colored eyes, to me he is perfect. We have been making out for a while and I got to touch his butt and it turns out he has a hairy butt. I felt somewhat disgusted, I love what we do but I am not touching his butt ever again. I thought that he would realize that he should shave that, just like I shave my legs, armpits and do the whole bikini waxing, I do all of this to have a clean appearance....but I guess he thinks that having a hairy butt is fine.

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  • I realized my boyfriend's butt only looks super hairy when his cheeks are together. I was freaked out at first but all guys are hairy. It's normal and natural. Truth is he has the cutest butt ever. I think you're picking out one thing that doesn't matter instead of being appreciative and loving of all the good. It also reflects your low self esteem and unrealistic standards. He'll find a more reasonable girl that has more depth if he realizes that you're shallow. Whether she waxes or is less attractive than you. Guys are practical for the most part. He probably doesn't force you to keep what you call a "clean appearance." Plus wait until you have kids and let us know if you have all that time to keep up with waxing.

  • Wow that seems pretty superficial.

  • Shoot.......send him my way. I'd love to lick it all night long!

  • Ungreatful b****. you should love his hairy ass !!
    Toss his salad you'll love it!

  • lol to the last commenter! mine too! my boyfriend has the hairiest ass, chest, even back anyone has ever seen!! strangers comment on it! and to make it worse, he's originally from Europe and wears Speedos and the beach (cuz they do that there).

    But I don't care! He has a handsome face, adorable smile, and big heart! What's a few hairs? Besides, what I've learned is hairy guys are less picky if you let your cooch get a little bushy for a while... they're not that picky about YOU shaving ;)

  • my boyfriend's ass is coooovered in m*********** hair. if i lit it all on fire the s*** would rival that malibu s***

  • Real men have hairy butts. If he shaved it, he would be gay and wouldn't want s** with you! Even in gay p*** where the b**** and crack are shaved, the butt is left hairy. Get over it!

  • Ouch. Having butt stubble would hurt and I don't think you'll enjoy a red ingrown pimply ass.

  • u obv don't shave ur p**** so shut up bout his butt.

  • It seems that you are really buying into society's shallow expectations of what it considers 'attractive'. Who says you have to shave your legs, pits and wax your bikini? As well, who says he needs to shave his butt? Your disdain only tells that you are measuring yourself and your boyfriend by silly standards which are really meaningless. So what if mother nature put a few hairs here or there, whether your'e a man or a woman! Let go of these unneccessary pressures, quit putting something as shallow as physical appearances foremost in your view of things, and just is too short to worry about these things....

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