Im weak

Si i have been stuggling alot with l***. I watched p*** to please myself and last night i started to have anomous s** chat with a girl much younger than i am. I hate these sins i know tbey are not righteous. I love god and i want the godly life he has in store for me. Things have been hard since god told me and my fiance we were not supposed to be married. But i have had a problem with l*** my whole life. I just so sick and tired of failing i want to be done with it. Plese pray for me

Dec 5, 2012

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  • I think you need a new basis of morality. Without knowing how dependant you are on Christianty for your conceptual framework it's difficult to say where you should start but I would recommend an introductory course in philosophy at your local college or university or even just a book on the subject. It should give you a way to start thinking about these issues outside the context of religion.

  • I understand. its very difficult. He will give you strength. do what's right. get out of the relationship if you don't believe you should be in it. you aren't married yet, so if its time to leave, leave. but before you go about breaking the girl's heart, do talk with some older, wiser people who know you both well, and see if God gives them any insight into whats going on, because its possible you heard from him incorrectly. we can quite easily confuse what we think of as God's voice, when its really our own fears and insecurities. i cannot pretend to know if you should or should not be in the relationship, but i know for sure you need to find out, and not just from your own feelings, but from Godly men and women who can give you wisdom from scripture.

  • I will pray for you. Please get involved in a good Bible study, and find out for yourself that Jesus has already won the victory for you. Find out what you're supposed to do!
    God bless you, and don't give up hope!

  • If you think god told you anything then you're seriously retarded.

  • Read the Bible - God talks to a lot of people. If I were God, I don't think I'd want to talk to an arrogant wuss like you until your attitude changed. Think about it turkey.

  • You're the turkey if you believe in the imaginary man in the sky.

  • God is not an Imaginary Man in the sky, but rather a conscious force, or energy, that radiates though out the universe just like the waves of light, radio, television, gamma, micro, and sound waves, we can't see most of these but we know they exsit. we as Humans are actually receptors our bodies are as antannas for all waves that come from the creator and when we recieve these waves this is what is called blessings, futhermore we can't recieve these waves if we are not on the same wave legnth as God is, it's like not being tuned to the right channel on your tv or radio you don't have good reception or no reception at all, in order to recieve reception from God we have to believe with all our heart and soul that this is true, we have to pray (comunicate with God) and confess that Jesus came and died for us so that we could be saved and reconcieled to God, it is in this that we recieve what is called the Holy spirit, this activates our DNA to recieve blessings, words of knowladge and wisdoms from God(the conscious force /energy.) God does talk to us if we are not worldly and have over come the stupidity and deception that the world trys to teach humans, if you do not hear God talking to you then you are to caught up in the beliefs of this world to phatom or even comprehend what you or your purpose in life really is. May God Bless You from this day forward...

  • Hey dude, that was deep really deep, understandable and logical!

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