I think...

I think that everyone in this section are sick f**** with their weird stories.

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  • Hey kid nobody gives a f*** about what you think, however you are intitled to your opinion if that makes you feel any better about what you think...ha ha LOL

  • Suck it, fartface!

  • Your response even sounds childish HA HA.... no wonder you think everyone and their stories are sick, but thats cool my child, once you mature and grow your ass up then you'll be just as weird as the rest of us!!! and you can count on that.....

  • I think you are a dingbat. Hope that helps.

    Yours in Christ,


  • "Sick f****", that makes you one of them!!!lol

  • Um, kiss my t***!

  • I think...
    We should never judge.
    The brain is a complex organ.
    Giving one certain thoughts they can't control.
    So never judge.
    This is a place people should not feel judged.

  • Blah, blah, blah. you are judging me. Now bite me!

  • Damn Jr, is that you again talking your smack on here?

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