Well, i am 19 years old and i have kidney cancer, I am not going to live, i overheard the doctor say it and they tried to avoid the subject when i asked... PLEASE i want you guys to pray for me and im really scared... i dont want to die i love my family and i love my life. Please...

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  • Praying for you. you have to understand that death is not the end but another beginning. won't you be excited to see Jesus in heaven? keep praying, Jesus loves you, all of us!

  • I hope you live through and good luck

  • My prayers are with you. ..... may God's blessed hands heal you....

  • God Bless You I will pray for you also!

  • I'll most definitely pray for you. Any update?

  • Good luck.

  • Your an adult. The doctor should be blunt. Sorry it sucks.

  • I'm praying for you. For whatever it means to you.

  • If you do this you won't die. Get you 7 grams of marijuana. Look up
    How to make Rick Simpson oil on you a little bit of cannabis oil everyday and in 2-3 months your cancer will be gone. Thc makes cancer eat itself away. Every organ in our body has endo cannabinoid receptors. Without weed they fail after a while. I know several people cured from cancer. Chemo will kill you

  • Feel free to do this. But DO NOT STOP YOUR REAL MEDICINE. Please. Because I want you to get well and you may.

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