I want to see my wifes bestfriend naked

I want to see my wifes bestfriend naked. She is adorably petite, with what I can imagine are spectacular b******. She's a big tease tho, and had been telling me for years I'll see them sometime when we're all drunk. I don't want to do anything with her, i just want to see her naked cause it's really taboo

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  • Perhaps i would,but i never know if she's serious. One time i got my wife a little vibrator and her friend was over and jokingly asked if id get her one too. I did . Everytime we see her she always says something sexual about me she was saying everytime she masturbates she thinks of me, right in front of my wife. She always says stuff like that about how hot i am or how big my c*** is.. and she always half ass says shes just kidding... in not sure if she is jk and that's why my wife doesn't say anything but id really like to know if shes serious

  • Dude, I am guessing by now you know this woman seriously wants to have s** with you. And given that she says this stuff in front of your wife, and they are still friends, I think your wife would be down for a threesome, or swinging of some sort.
    Are they really good friends? I have heard of some cases in which a wife told her husband to give her friend a really good F-word as a favor. I don't know what the case is here, but those constant hints are not jokes. She is hot for you and would give it up if you ever made a move.

  • If you tell your wife about your fantasies, you should tell her that one of your fantasies is to have a 3some with her and this friend. that will get her thinking about it and maybe she will be up for it. the friend sounds incredibly sexual so I would bet you will do her one day.

  • I would love a threesome but I know my wife wouldn't be down for that. Every now and then I get ballsy and think I should send her friend a pic of my c***... but then I think about if it backfired. Haha

  • JUST want to see her naked...that's all, yeah right. A few years back my wife went to the hospital for minor surgery and stayed one day, overnight. A friend comes over to help clean the house for her return. Her kids and mine are out playing in the yard. She has on this frilly, lacey blouse that really make her b****** stand out. We start cleaning, talking, and flirting. I compliment her on the blouse cause I can't stop staring at her t***. She smiles and jiggles them a bit. Back to cleaning...we get the kitchen & living room done and she stands in front of me and asks, "what do you want to do next?" The sexual tension is intense. "YOU" I say. We quickly embrace and I get to see those magnificent white b******! We lock the door, pull the shades and go at it like a couple of rabbits on the couch. MAN! she was wet and ready! I must have c** in her two or three times, she's moaning and quivering, and has a loud orgasism shaking from head to toe and we were both wanting more. We just SOAKED the couch cushion. Then the kids start banging on the door for lunch. We pull ourselves together and I go unlock the sliding door. Her oldest, a girl about 12, asks why was the door locked? I said "we just mopped the floor and didn't want you guys running across it." A week later the gals husband comes over. MAN he looks dejected. He confides in me that he suspects his wife is cheating, he's afraid he'll loose his kids, his house, marriage and the life he's tried to build,and I tell him all the usual stuff, about "No she's a good woman, she loves you, you have a good marriage, etc." Feeling like a heel...Anyway just like that a month later they move out of the neighborhood. I still hope they are together. I hope that one afternoon fling didn't break up their family. SO you're saying you JUST want to see them...naw be honest. You'll s**** her too if you get the chance...just be ready to live with it

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