Black people

This isn't addressed to ALL black people, just the American blacks that still consider themselves victims. Get over it. You have public schools- do the work, and go to college. The state even pays you to go for free. No one is holding you down any more. Racism is mostly done with, but it's the lazy blacks that feel they are victims that are the most racist of all, and you thrust the rest of the blacks into the spotlight. Just stop. No one is out to get you. Truth is, when you wear your sagging pants, you speak like a caveman with your "dis" and "dat" and you "axe a question," everyone is rolling their eyes and chuckling at you. Go be productive and stop being a victim.

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  • Ironically, the blacks today are some of the biggest racists roaming God's green Earth.

  • Everybody shut the f*** up! He's not trying to offend you! He's making a statement and dumbass who said it was a confession website no s***. 7out10 confessions on here arn't confessions get over it. Yea people are still racist and they always will be its called LIFE so shut the h*** up and there not uneducated its slang but yea it sounds stupid. So im sorry if I offended you your highness but damn he at least had the b**** to say it

  • If you think racism is over you must have passed on. If you think some people are badly educated, you're right, yet what have you done to improve it?

  • This is a confession board, not a message board. If you want to show up to say, "I'm an unapologetic racist," well, that'd be one thing. But black people, as a group, are not going to pay any attention to this post, and from my perspective, your thoughts on race in America are boring and trite. And racist, mind you, even if you don't mean "all black people." Just the ones who don't speak and act exactly as you'd like them to. The ones who act too "black."

    So why don't you cast off the anonymity afforded you by the internet and deliver this message to the next black people you see who don't meet your standards? I'm sure they'd appreciate it. Make sure to let us know how it goes.

  • You are in idiot. The OP is black.

  • I suppose the OP doesn't specify, but I would assume a black person would find a better place - you know, one frequented exclusively or near-exclusively by other black people - to express this opinion. Also, they'd be pretty unlikely to call black people who speak black English as "cavemen," even if they disapproved, or to refer to "the blacks" instead of "us blacks." My money is still on "white person expressing opinion that isn't socially acceptable anymore, and for a pretty good reason."

  • You would have lost your money, for the OP is black.

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