i have heard that guys like it when a

i have heard that guys like it when a girl shaves her below area, is it true?

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  • i'll take it either or , i do think men that like a shaved p**** have issues with litlle girls , and i think women that do shave are fulfilling that problem ....

  • I shave mine and s** feels better with it shaved! Also, I feel more comfonrtable with my man giving me oral cause I know I am clean! Also, shaving eliminates the chance of getting crabs!!!!

  • Hey, Buddy...(post above this) Just because you feel like a child molester, don't lump us all in with you. I love a smooth p****. No hair to get in the way of licking it. Plus, a shaved p**** smells better. Now, if you wanna post about d*** size, please go over to the gay sites since it obviously concerns you so much....what a j***! Hey, shave that p****, Baby.

  • I HATE when a girl shaves down south. Makes me feel like a child molester. The only guys who like girls with a shaved m*** (and really small girls) are the ones with small d**** because it makes their d**** look bigger when they're f******.

    do what YOU wanna do.

  • I prefer shaved. the smoother the better...

  • belower?? yeah, lol.

  • are we talking armpits or even more belower?

  • Shaving is great for everyone. Let's not let that fur get in the way of skin cells connecting...

  • not dominance. submission. ugh

  • yeah some guys like it. hair is too 'messy' and it's threatening to some men because they like to put women in positions of sexual dominance. they'll say it's an aesthetic reason (and it might be, partly, but only because they've been conditioned to prefer pubescent pubic areas) but any man worth his salt will love you either way.


    to the other person, who heard that girls like it when a guy shaves his pubic area:

    no, that looks really weird and kinky and it makes your p**** look much smaller. i promise.

  • I have heard that girls like it when a guy shaves his below area, is it true?

  • shave that b*****

  • No not true........I prefer hair so do not listen to everyone.....need tidy is good too.

  • Yep. If you don't shave, no man will ever love you.

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