I hate myself for this

Look I hate thinking about this so I'll say the short version I have I little sister 5 years old now and when we were younger or when she was younger by 3 years or so I touched her and made her do stuff ( I swear on my life we never had skin on skin contact we always had clothes on) I didn't know about p*** or masterbating so I was so h**** and I wish I knew about p*** and masterbating. I hate my self for it I've cut my self cause of it I've almost killed my self but I know that there has to be a way to make up for my sin (im not Christian but I do believe)I prayed to god to forgive me I feel better then I do it again I hate my self please help me no mean comments please just help me

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  • 7.5yrs later n i bet you're now a sick, disgusting fully formed paedo! Pure f****** filth. Keep ya sicko hands to yourself

  • You don't say how old you are, but sounds as though you know the difference between right and wrong, but yet you are repeatedly touching her? Not sure if this a symptom of a bigger problem. Were you molested/raped and possibly acting out? Because, what you're doing to your sister is considered molesting and it is damaging to her. Doesn't matter if it's not skin on skin, touching her inappropriately, is inappropriate. Being curious about s** is normal, touching your sister is not. You should be able to control your urges and just m*********. Please don't cut yourself and don't kill yourself, just control your urges and leave your sister and other children alone. And if you're not able to, then maybe you should speak with a doctor. Maybe you have a hormonal imbalance or something else is going on ...not sure. These posts only offer up so much information..

  • HI,

    So you did the ol' "i'm curious rubbed your sister eh?" if one of these bible thumping morons would pick up a history book once in awhile they'll find that kids as young as 9 were getting married just 200 years ago. And it's tought to slow down our human impulses. However insest aside, your going to hurt her if not mentally, physically. If you really love your siser, be a real man and just rub one out in the shower like the rest of us do when we feel frisky.

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