Wanting to kill

In general i want to kill him. i think this desire has started even before i was born. my mother was raped by her husband, my sister was raped by her and my father or so they say, and i was raped by my step father. my relationship with men has been horrible. my mothers next boyfriend tried to kill her. then my mother meet a really nice guy, but even if he was nice, i stuck needles in his favorite chair so when he say down, he would get hurt. that was when i was just eleven years old. surprisingly he stayed now i am scared of myself.

Jan 5, 2013

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  • Ya know, the word "stepdad" wasn't even in the title, but I knew instinctively that it would be about a stepdad because of the word "kill".

    Nothing to see here. Just another dumb PMSing little b**** who probably forgot all about this written sewage three seconds after she wrote it. That's teenage girls for you: next-level drama and not having a brain in their idiot heads, in that order.

  • I’m trying to get raped and drowned

  • If this is real, go talk to a shrink. Please before this escalates. The fact you're confessing it shows you know its wrong

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