I've never been in love with anyone

I've never been in love with anyone, i've never even kissed a guy before. Every time i see some one with a boyfriend i automaticly try to find the girls faults and think why the guy is not with me, or any guy is not with me. i dont know how to find a boyfriend. i think im too short, to ugly... 3 times i've tried to kill my self, with out anyone knowing.. (taking lots of pills) i cut my stomach so no one see's because i never wear anything that shows my stomach. I seem happy to people around me, but i feel really angry all the time.. i often think of killing people, and i am obsessed with serial killers and horror movies. i like older male actors, (thats not really a problem but people think it is weird).. i would call the childrens help line but i think my promblem is not seriouse enough... compared to people being abused or whatever

any comments will help

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  • me again (the one who wrote this confession)...
    the whole thing with the "IT' factor... they are everything i hate, i hate that the slutty girls get everything, im not slutty obviously.. i dont wear make up most people call me a tom boy.. and this is probably normal but i like to work out.. coz i want muscles... i always think every girl has a flat stomach and it's just me who doesn;t have a completely flat stomach.. although i know i am alot skinnier than all of my friends

  • It is serious enough. I work in mental health, and you should call the helpline.

    You are not alone either by the way. Call and take some affirmative action. You don't have to be unhappy.

    By the way... I'm a guy, and there is no girl too short, so stop worrying about that. Do you want to know what makes a girl truly attractive? It's the way she carries herself.

    That's why girls that you think are horrible are hot to guys. It is the "it" factor. And the way they carry themselves comes from self image. They believe in themselves.

    Start believing in yourself and everything will start falling into place. If you don't, how can you expect anyone else to?

  • Wow, you sound exactly like me in high school.

  • I'd say you definitely do have a problem worth talking about with someone who can help you. When you learn to love and take care of yourself, you'll attract people that you will be able to love, and receive love from.

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