Well, I think I'm totally in love with another girl, and I am female my self. As far as I know she is not bi or lesian, she has a boyfriend right now, but I really do think i love her....So much ive started cutting over it.....advice any one?

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  • Shut up you breeder God freak!


  • As a lesbian I have One bit of strong advice that you should remember your entire life......Stay the h*** away from straight women! They hurt you and use you for their own enjoyment and then toss you aside like an old shoe for the first guy who flirts with them. Never let yourself be attracted to straight women unless you like allot of pain. She has a BF, run the other way! No woman is worth cutting yourself over either, cut that crap out!

  • LOL Lesian?

  • Stop cutting yourself and rub your c*** really good till you c**.
    Do it now, because I say so.

  • You and I are in the saaame boat, my friend.
    Only I am the one with the boyfriend.
    That goes to show you that not every girl with a boyfriend
    is automatically straight.

  • If she has a boyfriend I'm guessing she's straight..

    I'm straight and one of my lesbian friends recently confessed she liked me alot, I am pretty freaked out and really wish she wouldn't have said anything, I'll never feel the same towards her, so unless you find out she's bi DO NOT pursue it, if however you find out she's bi, tell her you like her.

    I've never been a cutter or even thought of cutting but I think they have therapy for that kind of stuff..

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