i want to kno if it is true that when u

i want to kno if it is true that when u loose your verginity you bleed

Jul 8, 2010

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  • comment #1, i agree

  • you'll bleed like a stuck pig so don't try it. You'll do the gene pool a favor.

  • i didn't

  • f*** u u d*** sucking hor

  • Be ready for a red flood, you will bleed like a stuck hog, forget about napkins, you will need a full size bath towel to soak it up.

  • Physical exertion? No, more like years of tampon use would break the hymen. It's possible you won't. I did because I never used tampons. But it's only a tiny bit, nothing to write home about.

  • I did.

  • You might not even have your hymen intact. Physical exertion could do it too.

    I take it that this is just a question about it, and not asking us its its okay to have s** if it doesn't bleed....

  • Ignoring the first two comments, yes that can be true, some girls do bleed, but usually not much. It's only a little blood, not like your period. Some girls don't bleed at all, it all depends.

    I think you should talk to your mom, if you can, about it and get answers if you have any more questions - it's better coming from someone you trust and who's been there.

  • God, if you can't even spell, you shouldn't be having s** because we don't want your r***** children running around.

  • Stay in school for a while longer and learn how to spell, and by then all the answers will come around.

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