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I sometimes lie for the dumbest crap ever.I try hard 2 be a good person. I feel like I'm not myself but who every1 expects me 2 b (I kno corny but eff u!). I think this site is retarded b/c they allow ppl 2 comment on other ppls situations. I check postsecret once a month I wud do it more often but I saw something that creeped me out. I would b a better person had I not known my father. I love him but he has a effin gf and has forgotten about me. I love my life.I kno I need to drop a couple pounds so EVERYONE JUST SHUT THE EFF UP I'M WORKING ON IT SHEESH!

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  • hey u remind me of this guy i know
    and if its you
    F*** YOU
    i hope you rot for being such an a******
    and btw
    your a horrible liar and everyone knows it
    "autozone doesnt carry a battery for my ford explorer"
    b**** i called autozone
    and the guy there was like damn, ur buddies a liar

  • ????????? Well duh?

  • Eff u 2! I think u r retarded b/c u left a confession on a site that allows ppl 2 comment on other ppls situations.

    I guess that makes U the dumbass.

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