I just had s** with the maid from my

I just had s** with the maid from my local bar!! i wasnt sure if i should go, but then i was late for work so i decided to skip work and go see this woman...man she was hot!! nice juicy pus.s.y...i think i will go back, she asked me to, i think maybe she likes me: sensed it for sometime now.problem is that my wife also drinks with me at the pub and i think things may get awkward after this..but that p.u.s.sy....hmmmm

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  • seriously, u should just get a divorce now cuz im sure ur wife doesnt need a s***** person like urself.
    shes better off without u because u dnt deserve her.
    god i hope u get punished some how.

  • That is why men are scum bags. I don't know why you're all proud of it, and why you don't see it as a big deal. Your spouse/girlfriend cares about you and you care more about f****** some random slutbag than you do about your significant other's feelings. That makes you a piece of s***. Congratulations, you've contributed more to the horrible image the male race has. Are you proud of yourself for potentially ruining your marriage and breaking your wife's heart, you f****** scumbag?

  • The maid just likes you for a Green Card.

  • Get that p**** don't let it slip by. One day when your wife is acting all funny about her stuff you'll think back and remember what good p**** that was.

  • why are people acting all high and mighty here??? I had s** and LOVED it!!! most men, h*** all men that i know cheat!! we just make sure we are not caught, even when caught we totally deny!!!!

  • That 'just s**' might mean 'just divorce'.

  • I hope that pus.s.y was well worth the trouble it's going to cause in your near future.

  • cheating has nothing to do love, it was just s**...

  • why did you cheat on your wife? don't you love her?

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