I am a she. I have a he. But I love a

I am a she. I have a he. But I love a she. Messy.

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  • No you have a mental illness

  • My girlfriend and I wrestle all the time. We do it in front of her mom. We always wrestle in jeans and t shirts.
    Her mom wants to learn how to wrestle, so she do it with her husband.
    My girlfriend brought some jeans for her mom and we started to teach her how to wrestle. We both took turns wrestling with her. We show her how to get him in a leg ** to ** hold. If she applied it right he will submit the wrestling match to her.
    I did not get aroused and did not care about ** with her.
    Now when I wrestle my girlfriend that is totally different.

  • My girlfriend mom now is wearing her jeans and she learning wrestling holds and positions and moves. She practiced with her daughter and me a few times. She wrestle her husband for the first time and she got in a full body pin and she won her first match. He is wondering why she now wears jeans and is wrestling with him. Also not just wrestling but wrestling that she knows what she is doing. He starts another wrestling match with her and she puts into a full body leg lock and squeeze him until he had to submit to her. He asked her if we are wrestling with each other and she is learning from us. After a couple of weeks wrestling with his wife and having fun and also likes his wife in her jeans he does not care if we are wrestling just not in front of him. Things are now going good. We are wrestling each other and dry ** each other and having fun.


  • What was funny: when I read this,I thought it meant
    I'm a girl,but I'm a boy.
    I was so interested for that second.

  • Why did it have to be trans to be interesting? Do you have a trans fetish?

  • Not like that's bad...

  • invite thm all over for a **

  • Pack woo

  • Hetro. Bi. Gay. Pick one and you'll be happy with yourself. Its what others think of you is the messy part.

  • Or pansexual or omnisexual! There are other labels too :)

  • Take up masturbation.

    It does the soul wonders.

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