Husband gets an eyeful

So I am a married woman. I have been bicurious for the longest time. Well, I am finishing up my bachelors degree and decided to wait to take calculus until I had gotten other classes out of the way. Well, I have become good friends with another girl that I have have had several classes with. Well, she came over to my house for some help with our homework. We talked and did some work over a bottle of wine. We started talking about relationships and s**. I was fully clothed to start off with but asked if it was ok to get into some house clothes. She said sure so I undressed in front of her. I was down to only panties and decided to just put on a tank top. She saw my b**** and said, "You have very nice b******." I said, "Thanks. It's about my only good feature." She said, "S***! Your ass is nice, your thighs and I'm willing to bet other areas are very nice." I winked at her and sat back down. So I had in my head what I thought she was referring to as other areas. She mentioned that her neck was hurting from slumping over her book. So I got behind her and started rubbing her neck and shoulders. She was wearing a button down white shirt. I started rubbing and unbuttoned her top two buttons so I could rub her better. She helped me out and just removed her shirt. She turned to face me and we started kissing. Not just pecks. French kissing making out. My tank top came off quickly. I slipped off her pants. Our panties made their way to varying spots in the room. She got on top of me and we started grinding p****** as we made out. She said, "what about your husband?" I said, "we have enough time." She kissed her way to my hard nipples and suckled on them. Then she started eating my p****. God it was heaven. My husband never eats me out. I moved so we could 69. It was shortly into this that my husband walked in. I was propped up by my hands damn near screaming in o***** when I looked over and saw him standing at the door with his jaw hanging open.

Jan 26, 2013

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  • Any guy, married or not, who doesn't eat at the "Y" doesn't know what he is missing. I was 24 before I ever did that. The woman I was with straddled my face, rubbed it in my face and insisted I eat her or no BJ for me. I have been a convert ever since.

  • I envy your husband. Now you have broken the ice and let him know how you feel about s** with others and he has expressed the same desires, I think you are in for some exciting times. Go for it...

  • Your husband stood there like a fool while you enjoyed yourself. He should have offered to join you two. I know I would have.

  • And....

  • Well, when he walked in as I said I was damn near humping her face. It felt so good. I looked over and said, "Hi honey!" She said, "Well, I guess I had better get going." She got dressed and excused herself. I layed on the bed freshly f*****. Sweaty and my c*** throbbing. Jim got undressed down to his underwear and sat on the bed. He asked me how long this had been going on. I told him I hadn't done that before. It was a white lie because the only other time I had slept with someone else was the night before the wedding. My ex and I (we are friends and he knew it would only be a 1 time thing) had an enjoyable romp on my last night as a single woman. Anyway, he had questions like did you like it of which I told him I very much enjoyed it. He asked if I wanted to do it again. I told him I would love to do it again but not at the expense of my marriage. I could tell he was h**** from seeing Pam and me. I told him to shower and come to bed and I would take care of him. A nice long b******* and him getting to f*** me in the ass made him ok. More to tell...

  • You might as well make this a threesome

  • Well, two problems with that or else I would be all for it. One, Pam is a lesbian and I found out the next day texting her that she had been wanting to get me in bed for a while now. The other problem is that a mff threesome doesn't interest Jim. He does want a mmf threesome though and I would happily oblige him in that. Since I apparently opened the door to a fun new chapter in our relationship, he has told me some fantasies of his that he wasn't sure I would be up for. One was the mmf threesome. The other is that he wants me to f*** a friend of his (a guy) while he watches and masturbates.

  • Wow, i wish i was your husbands friend

  • Well his friend took me out to dinner so we could talk a bit. I told him what jim wanted me to do. He asked what I thought. I told him I would let him know before we got back to the house from dinner. A lot of flirting during dinner. He drove so after dinner we got in the car. I reached over and started rubbing his c*** through his jeans. I gave him a b******* as he drove. He pulled over because he was enjoying it and I finished him off. He reminded me why I used to swallow. A nice healthy load that I eagerly swallowed for him. So, he is supposed to come over tonight and possibly stay the night.

  • Woohoo, i love getting a b******* while i drive, only bad part is i cant face-f*** the chick while im driving

  • None of your business, perv!

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