I hate the pill but I love it when he

I hate the pill but I love it when he comes inside me, so I take one dutifully everyday. I don't understand people who don't want monogamy. What could be better than bareback s** where you can c** in the girl and not have to worry about std's? my guy would never fool around with another girl because it's like, condoms and awkwardness, or bareback and she knows what you like? hmmmm...

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  • If you please him he has no reason to cheat. I have been faithfull to my wife of 16 years. I have no reason to go somewhere else, she meets all of my sexual needs and desires. And yes I am white, but I make a lot more than 40 K a year.

  • Hey sweety he's not gonna tell you he's cheating on you. Use a rubber.

  • ha ha ha ha, crackers dont cheat! its blackies genetic disorder! listen to yourselves...

  • That's not true either. 22 percent of the average man (likely white), 32 percent of wealthy men, and 44 percent of black men cheat. This is still not ALL. Your average 40 thousand dollar a year-earning white man does NOT cheat.

  • not everybody cheats, but ALL men do. Right now he may not be cheating but eventually he will...

  • Not everybody cheats. Not happy, well-adjusted people like me and my boyfriend. Sucks to be you people, that's all.



  • Wrong everybody doesn't cheat. I think you need to rethink your position. Because the pill doesn't protect against STD's, only pregnancy and it's not 100%. Plus afterwhile wether is bareback or not s** with the same girl gets boring so don't think that cheating is beyond you or your man. Anything can happen under the right circumstances.

  • Everybody cheats get over it.

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