When I turned 16 I started masturbating I still do it now. I've heard lots of things about it that it's bad that it is good for your body. My church says you shouldn't. I don't know what to believe? what to do? It's just so addicting and I've tried to stop before but I've never completely stopped. Is it wrong? Or just something that happens?

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  • Masturbation is a purely natural thing and there is nothing wrong with it, and for everyone it remains a pleasurable habit for a lifetime. The best advice is to realize this, not feel guilty about it - there's no reason to, honestly - and simply enjoy a physical response that is a natural as sneezing or anything else. And yes, even people who are married, still enjoy masturbation from time to time.

  • Its normal, dont listen to the churce, its not rong. its part of being human

  • Well, that's pretty normal to be honest, and I'm sure most people your age do the same. That alone doesn't make it good or bad, it doesn't help or hurt your body much as far as I know.

    As for moral issues, that's really up to you. You should read up on whatever your religion believes about s** and so on. Decide for yourself if the teaching has a firm basis in scripture, or decent philosophical arguments going for it.

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