Sweet 16

I'm 15 and I've never hooked up. I feel so awkward and self-conscious about it - all of my friends have already hooked up and most guys just assume that I have too. However, since I haven't yet it's become like this big thing to me... it's not that I'm holding out for something, it's just that whenever a guy tries to hint at hooking up or makes a move I freak out and get awkward and run away. And I'm so nervous about it now and worried that I won't know what to do when it happens. Regardless of what people say, I'm way too old. And if I don't hook up before I'm 16 I'll be so ashamed. Even worse, what if my younger sibling hooks up before I do? I've pretty much insinuated to my family and some of my friends that I've already hooked up because I am so embarrassed about it. Advice?

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  • U need to get fuckd soon anyboy will do and dont worry u cant get pregnant the first time

  • Honey, don't listen to that last comment, at least not entirely.
    You should at least start giving hand jobs and blow jobs by now.
    I gave my first handjob when I was 13 and my first b****** when I was 14.
    Handjobs and b******* are the ultimate in safe s**.
    You can't get pregnant swallowing c** or with it on your hand.

  • Don't worry about it honey.. I was 17 the first time a boy french kissed me. I was very worried that I was behind everyone else...I'm 26 now..have had many great relationships, lots of fun, and very comfortable in my own skin. What that guy said ahead of me, you know nothing about your own sexuality. Don't rush into it, don't have an awful first memory of something you did the first time you got drunk....believe me, been there, done that. My sister lost her virginity before I did and she's 3 years younger. It unfortunately did make me think that I had to speed it up. Embrace being a virgin. Get a bit older, you'll see its not that bad at all...you just might be proud that you weren't skankin it up when you were 15.

  • It isnt a f****** race. No one will judge you if you havent had s** with someone else yet. Anything they say about the subject is nonsense. You are being h****** yourself with this stupid expectation you think is being forced on you.

    Hooking up is such a dumb phrase for s**. Its like anyone who uses it is afraid of the word -s**-.

    You should know the generalities to s** when it comes down to the deed. There are just a few expectations, and things can be discussed before anything happens. Explain concerns like there might be pain. Concerns about unwanted pregnancy and the steps needed to not let it happen. Select a partner who may be caring. Work on exploring s**, rather than just having intercourse. If the guy pretty much undresses you and says "Brace yourself!" you need someone else. Take steps to learn about oral s**, giving and receiving. It is an easy thing to learn just by observation. Make sure it happens in a place where you are not stressed thinking that someone might walk in. Or someplace like the back of a car. The back seat is a fine place to have s**, but shouldn't be the first place to have s**. Remember to have protection available. Dont expect the guy to have a condom. If he pulls the condom that he's been carrying around in his wallet for a year, turn him down. It may be faulty from the heat and friction/wear and tear after such a long time in a wallet.

    I'm sorry to say, but you have a rather skewed view of s**. Being a virgin is just fine. Honestly, you know about s**, but you hardly know ANYTHING of your own sexuality.

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