Attracted to my tutor need help teling how I feel about her

Hey so i a male college student 22 years old, and i have this really hot tutor. When I first met her i knew that she was attractive/beautiful but I was not attracted to her. But with in the past several weeks i have started to become attracted to her. I think one of the reason i have been attracted to he other than the fact that she is a brunette and has a really attractive face and voice, but the fact that every time I see her she wears yoga pants. She looks soo hot in yoga pants and she has a nice ass as well and it really shows when she years her yoga pants. I would really like to be, but I dont know how to to make the move. I dont want to scare her off and that would mean i would prolly get another tutor but i really want to be with her and i just dont know how to tell her. im planing to tell her when the semester is over but i just dont know how to tell her. please any advice how i can tell her that i think she is attractive/that i like her. oh and she weares this hot red jacket and this very hot blue scarf with is so sexy, and shes 21

Mar 3, 2013

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  • If you have a half decent package, whip it out in front of her when it bonorizes and tell her, "You see this? That's what you do to me!" Then take her in your arms and French kiss her. That always worked for me.

  • If she's your English tutor, my advice would be to fire her;
    (judging by your grammar, spelling, etc. etc.)

  • You sound hot. Do you do any tutoring?

  • I only tutor people who stand half a chance of learning. You do not qualify.

  • Instead of possibly scaring her off and telling her you have feelings for her, start by asking her out on a date. At the end of your next tutoring session, start a conversation by asking her what she's doing over the weekend..then ask if she is seeing anyone. If she doesn't, see if she'd be interested in getting some dinner sometime. If she's interested plan a really great date and then see if the vibe is there. You have to start somewhere..and who knows what will come of it.

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