Daughter in law

I was at my daughter in law's house today. She is a very sweet petite little blonde. When she was in another part of the house, I went into her room and found a dirty pair of skimpy little panties on her floor--she's a pretty messy house keeper, so I had my pick. I took them into the bathroom and masturbated while I sniffed and licked her essence, finally stuffing the dirty crotch into my mouth as I came. I carried them in my pocket for a while; it was really exciting to talk to her with my hands in my pockets, holding onto her panties. I put them back just before I left. A couple of weeks ago I drank a mouthfull of her breast milk. It was really exciting to know that I had fluid in my mouth that had come out of one of her beautiful t***. I wonder which one it was? I think about that whenever we hug and I feel her t*** mashed against me.

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  • My son is out of town a lot and I offered to take my daughter-in-law out to dinner just to get her out of the house. As she got in the car she said she so wanted adult conversation. I said what kind of "adult" conversation did she have in mind. She said I haven't had a guy tell me I look nice or sexy in a long time. That kind of adult. I said well I can tell you you look sexy and h***. She said you really think so. I said if you weren't my son's wife I would try to get in your panties. She turned in the seat letting her skirt ride up and showing her panties and said go for it. We never made it to dinner. We turned around and went back to her place and f***** for two straight days. It was great.

  • O_o.

  • Wtf Is wrong with you? HIT THE BRICKS B****

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  • Ithink thats HOT!!!!!!! I oh oh oh oh ahhhhhhh its sooooo goooood!!!!!!!!!!!

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