Panty sniffing

Hi i stay with a black lady as a tenant. Last day she gave one of the room for rent to a old lady. She would be 60.. but she is super cute. She is short. Last day i went to her room when one was in the house and checked her dirty hamper. I found her panties. It was really dirty but i couldnt hold myself and started sniffing it. Omg it was heavenly.. am i doing wrong?

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  • LoL Fu cking panty sniffers.
    Yes I have sniffed many a panty.
    No harm in it. Just to keep it real...the actual
    pu ssy is typically far more fulfilling. Panty sniffing in general is because you have depravity. Work towards some honest with others and yourself and find yourselves someone to love.

  • I'm about to go check my mother in-laws dirty clothes hamper for a pair of her panties

  • Good for you. Keep going. I get to rummage through teen girls dirty panties. Put one on my head and sniff and lick while other panties round my co ck. The taste and scent makes me cu m so much more than se x.

  • I do that to my mother in-laws every time I'm at her house

  • No, you are doing good. I'm also not into black or asian women - just a personal preference. I sniffed and masturbated on my great-aunt's smelly pantyhose. As a matter of fact, I once stole her dirty pantyhose from the laundry and had fun with them quite a while. I was 23 or 24 years old back then. I remember that I loved to put the crotch area on my face and then masturbated imagining that I'm licking her p**** and that I admitted her that I'm turned on by her when she wears pantyhose. It took me less than a minute to c**, compared to 10-15 minutes when I have s** and 5 minutes when I'm masturbating.

  • No,nothing wrong at all! Enjoy this treasure trove of dirtiness!
    Just never c** in them or you'll get found out.
    Do it as much as you can when you are alone!
    Have you had a sniff of the landladies? How were they in comparison

  • Not true

  • I havent sniffed land ladies.. i m not into black offense... i have all the respect for them...

  • I have once,we were camping and she was with her white husband and their child. I went to get fire wood and saw them leave 5 mins earlier,went into their area,quickly jumped in,had a rummage and found her wet ones, damn they were so so good!!!

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