I'm sick of being a guy

I'm a woman trapped in a man's body. I just want to express my true self but because of my gender I have to dumb myself down and act all tough I hate it! I just want to be a woman so bad. Damnit....

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  • Sigh. Yet another "woman trapped in a man's body" who has NO clue what being a woman is really like...

    So you're a dude, bfd. Where is it written that you have to act dumb and tough? Yes most guys do, but that's because they're... well, dumb. If that's not you, then don't do it! DUH!!

    There are plenty of dumb, tough women out there too. I know you haven't noticed because dudes like you only see the little fairy princess types fluttering around in dresses, and have no idea how foul those pretty-looking girls are when it comes to the way they treat people they don't like, and each other too. They need drama and jealousy the way normal people need oxygen and water, only in much bigger quantities. Is THAT what you identify with? Then die. XX or XY, we don't need any more of that kind of a****** in the world.

    The whole trans thing is really highlighting just how stuck in a rut people's minds are when it comes to what constitutes male vs female.

  • So become a woman.

  • It costs a lot of money for the hormones and surgery. Plus, I kinda don't want my family to hate me :c

  • Why would they hate you? Because they wouldn't understand? It may not be a huge surprise to them, they must see you struggling with something. That's not something you just wake up one day and say, 'I want to be a girl'. Why not begin to start living your life as a woman. And then go speak with a gender reassignment therapist to make sure this is what you want.

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