I am his mistress. How strong can I be

I am his mistress. How strong can I be living as the other woman? Why do men need to have a woman on the side? I know he say's she is the worst how can I trust him?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Ha! At least someone agrees with me!

  • I'm not sure I got it yet...do you think someone is a s***?

  • I know your name is not f*****, f*****, but because you first used it it is now your name on this thread and anonymous is so impersonal especially when I have you over my knee with your panties down as I spank you and make you bark like a dog. You'd like that wouldn't you, f*****?

  • ^I am not trying to change the wordl, I would just like the freedom to express my opinions without everyone jumping on me because of it. This woman is a s*** for sleeping with a married man, that is all. The other guy posting is trying to advocate adultery. His advice was to continue to sleep with the guy. Hello people????? I shouldn't be attacked because I think it is wrong (and slutty) to sleep with married men. F*** all of you degenerates.

  • i think that guy is right. your not gonna change the world. lighten up a little

  • ^Oh, and my name is not f*****, I was calling that guy a f*****. . .my name is anonymous!

  • Ummmm Okay ^ I did not post that.

    But thank you, I know I am right.

  • ^LOL I don't know about that!! I am a married woman!

  • So...nothing is going on in your head, huh? Despite what therapy-boy-in-training is spinning you are right, f*****.

    Though another trip across my knee is in order.

  • ^I would greatly appreciate if you would stop trying to give me therapy over the internet. Thank you. You know nothing about me, and you are starting to get on my nerves. I will always have the same opinion about homewreckers, so please stop trying to change my mind or whatever it is you are trying to accomplish by continuing to try to find my "deeper issue". . .it is not going to happen. And, just so you know, I do blame the man equally as much as the woman (as you can see in my last posts, I would kill both of them)!!!! I didn't want to come on here to start a big blog-fight, I came here to express my opinions like everyone else. My reasons for not defending my father are none of your business anyways. . .what are you a f****** therapist in training? I think any woman who KNOWINGLY sleeps with a married man is a s***, and so is the man. So, yeah, the woman is a s*** for sleeping around, and if you want to continue to defend her, then go ahead, I won't stop you. If this post was from the cheating man he would have gotten an earful from me as well (probably worse). I just think that if people want to sleep around, they shouldn't get married, and as a woman, the poster should respect herself enough to say (from the begining), "I am not going to sleep with a married man." The poster would feel a lot better about herself right now, had she kept her legs closed. When I see another woman in pain over a man, I feel for her. . .and couldn't imagine myself putting someone else through that kind of pain. What if there are children within the marriage? Is it okay for the "other woman" to continue a relationship, knowing she is potentially contributing to the descrution of a family unit? Not that the man is any better, but some blame is also due to b****** like this one. Now, please stop trying to pry into my head and find out "what is really going on" cause nothing is. I just feel that women should respect eachother and stay away from men that are taken.

  • FUCKEE? LOL No, I prefer to call you Rachelle. A long-ago, obscure reference to Ms. Perfection herself.
    Call me whatever you like. F***** is fine by me. Whatever. I've been called worse.

    I'm still very curious as to why, when your parents were brought up, you instantly jumped to defend your Mother. Yet absolutely nothing was said in defense of your Dad.
    Why is that?
    You were never Daddy's little girl, were you?
    Lots of special time with Mom, but Dad was never there for you was he?
    Always respected, but misunderstood and the deep bond you always longed for was never forged. A hurt you carry with you always.

    Isn't that why you really don't like or trust men? Not even your own husband?

    If "most every girl has" been cheated on, that would mean that most every girl has lured a guy away from another woman.
    Wow. That's a lot of s****. Most every woman you know is a s***.

    That's a lot of hate.

  • wow, cant wait for tomorrows installment of FUCKEE

  • Ahh... now we get to the heart of the matter.
    Misdirected anger, jealousy and insecurities.

    Your anger is directed at the woman, when it really doesn't matter who "she" is. The individual "she" is inconsequential.
    The "sleazy a******" is the one who strays, why isn't the blame placed where it should be?
    If the other woman is told nothing of his marriage (happens all too often), all of the blame should be placed upon him.
    Shouldn't "she" then get a pass? If "she" had all the information, she may not have gotten into the situation to start.
    No, your anger is not directed at the men.
    They are all still evil, though. Even the "good ones" are treated with mistrust and threats of violence to keep them from straying.
    Because you have been hurt in the past.

    Leaving you feeling insecure.

    The "other woman" in nearly every case is not the problem. Why does she get the brunt of the rage? Clearly two people are in the wrong. Yet very little is said about the guy, other than a few choice words.
    Why do you find the woman to be an easier mark?
    Did the old flames cheat on you with close friends?
    Very curious... (I also suspect deep father issues here)

    Which leaves us with jealousy.
    A very childish emotion, really quite useless. I gave it up at 16, myself.
    You cannot control the actions of others. All you can do is give them reason to stay with you.
    Before we go much farther, I should let you know that my wife of 12 years is free to do whatever/whoever she wants to, whenever she wants to. As am I. Neither of us have ever been with anyone else since we married.

    When something goes wrong, a look at where the problem lies is called for, not lashing out at third parties.
    Problems don't get solved in the heat of the moment.

    I would love to continue this, but don't have the time right now.
    Be back tomorrow.

  • Hey, f*****...you're a potty mouth. Come over here and let me give you a spanking. Bend that big ol' wide ass over my knee...that a girl....slide these down a bit...there we go....now bark like a dog...

    Just f****** with ya.

  • You are correct, I am one of the crazy girls, but my husband knows this, and knows how to deal with it. . .he also knows that I would probably murder him if he ever cheated on me. I think the comment about my mother is totally out of line, and you really have no clue what you are talking about. I have been cheated on in past relationships, and I bet the poster has as well. . .most every girl has. So, as a woman (who respects others), I would frown upon a woman who is willing to put another through that pain. Did you miss the part in my last post where I was talking about women, in general, respecting eachother? I can understand how you can see me as some mean and horrible person based on the names I have called the girl, but you do not know me at all. I am actually a very nice person who helps out a lot of people in my life, I just try to be brutally honest at all times, and the fact is, that the woman is a s***. What am I supposed to do? Give her a pat on the shoulder, and say, "Oh, you poor thing. That man is terrible?" Well, she doesn't get that. . .not from me at least. She is currently dealing with a little thing we all like to call karma. . .s*** sleeps with married man, s*** gets hurt cause husbands never leave wives. Big f****** deal. . .go cry elsewhere. . .it is what she deserves, and she also deserves (as a woman) to be told the f****** truth about herself, which is, she is a s***. . .sorry for ya b****!

  • When people post comments on this site, they open themselves up for criticism and judgement as well.
    In response to the OP, you called her "a stupid easy b****", a "w****", a "slime ball", "a s***", you said you hated her and given the right circumstance, would even kill her.
    These are the ideas I'm trying to strike down.
    You are not a very nice person! I'm starting to doubt the sanity of your husband for even marrying you in the first place!

    Why isn't it okay for her to open her legs for the guy? They both want it.
    Would it be better for him to buy it from a crack w**** and bring something home for the Mrs.?
    If you answer Yes to that, you trully are an evil person, and attitudes like that are contributing more to the downfall of society than getting a little strange on the side.

    I'm more interested in why you always identify with the poor wife at home (who obviously isn't doing SOMETHING right).
    Was it your Dad? Mom couldn't keep him home?

    C'mon, you can tell us.

  • When people post confessions on this site they are opening themselves up to critism and judgement. I am not dilusional, I know the thoughts that go through my husband's head (like any man), but I also know he would never act on them. I am not trying to change your mind or anyone else's, I would just like the freedom to express my opinion like everyon else with out having to deal with people like you trying to strike down my ideas. In my eyes, this woman is a s***, and there is nothing anyone can say to change my mind on that. I understand that if a man is going to cheat, he will anyway, but that does not make it ok for her to contribute to that. As a devoted wife, I always identify with the women who are being cheated on, and who the h*** are you to judge me, when you are the one basically endorsing adultery? If you think it is okay, fine, but let me have my opinion as well without invalidating everything I say.

  • Oh, I know a great deal about what I'm talking about.
    So... basically, you're a prude. Trying to force your prudish opinions on others.
    "I would NEVER do that, so nobody else should either!"

    It's not your job to make sure everybody else is doing what YOU think is the right thing.
    If some guy wants to step out, that's his business. If that guy didn't find it in the OP, he would have found it somewhere else.
    Plenty of women do too. They're not short of guys just like your husband sniffing around when they do.
    "Downfall of society"? Hardly.
    Why do you think it's called "original sin"?

    You just keep believing that your man has never even thought of hitting that cute little waitress or the girl in the next car. And keep a tight grip on that leash.
    You'll be writing to Dear Abby, signing your letters, "AlwaysTheLastToKnow"

  • ^Actually, you have no idea what you are talking about. If you knew which of these other confessions on this site are mine, you would know that my man is more than satisfied in the bedroom. And my husband is not whipped at all. . .he just has enough respect for me to not stick his d*** in anything that moves. Just because I am in a committed relationship, and I don't approve of adultery is no reason for all of you to jump down my throat. Why is it okay for this woman to sleep with another women's husband? Because she feels bad? I bet all of you are the same people who call other posters whores when they show no remorse for their actions. I think any woman who sleeps with married men is a s***. Why? Hello !!!! He is married! I wish women had more respect for eachother, I mean women always complain about guys being disrespectful. . .but try putting yourselves in the wive's position. . .and for you men, imagine that is your mother going through that. I know it is the man's fault, but women who are willing to sleep with them (knowing they are married) are just as bad. . .Oh, and by the way I was calling all of you F******. . .thank you.

  • Good job, F*****! You have succeded in p****-whipping yet another guy into giving up his b**** to a feminist control freak.
    Do you at least let him take his own nuts out of the fridge so he can scratch them?

    Do you swallow? No.
    Do you take it up the ass for him? No.
    Do you get on all fours and really beg for it? No.

    Trust me sweetie, he's looking for something else.

  • Let's hope 'f*****' shoots her old man after killing the b**** or else she'd be a f****** hypocrite.

  • ^^ha ha that is funny! I actually am married, and my husband is very good to me (and NO he has never cheated on me) As you can see in my comment, I made a point to let this woman know that all men are not like the sleazy a****** she is with, but it is the poster's own damn fault for how she is feeling for messing with a married man! Why do you people feel the need to come on here and defend slime b**** like this? One day she will f*** the wrong guy and end up hurt. . .I mean physically. . .cause if I ever found out some dirty w**** was sleeping with my husband, I would kill the b**** (literally)! Oh, and I am not old, I am 22. F*****!

  • Don't trust him. He's cheating on you with his wife.

  • Don't listen to the bitter, dried up, lonely old hag in the second post. She hates all men because she wasn't good enough to keep the one she had.
    You knew you were second fiddle when you started with him. Keep hittin' it until something better comes along.

  • I am curious why you would settle for being the other woman? I am suspicious of men (I am a man) particularly that have mistresses who tell things to the other woman. He is lying to her so he likely is lying to you.

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