Expossure while. driving

I'm a handsome white male well endowed. and love to drive down the expressway. and see a sexy mature black women. with her blouse open just enough to see her breast, or bra cup, and get so turned on to see a short skirt pulled up. and see their long legs and pantyhose. I get so hot and turned on I ha be to take out my thickness, and stroke it, as I admire them, and if I see one that's really sexy, I make sure they are my huge p****. and each me as I stroke it.. summer is commingle ladies show off what you got, and ill show you mine? are you as bad as me?

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  • None of this night time exposure for me. I want the whole World to see mine. So, I just roll down the driver's side window, hang it out, and pass as many cars on the right as I can. A word of warning. Don't do it on a sunny day. I did and got sunburned. It prevented me from jacking it for about 10 days.

  • Yes I do.do it on 57.. usually be fore you get to the split for the Bishop Ford. on the Dan Ryan.. I'm very well endowed. are you a black.woman?.white. . Hispanic? or.male? let me know.

  • Dude, I like to do the same thing. I usually do it at night, and pick my "targets". I look for a young girl, not a fancy car, and the girl is alone, or with another girl. I drive by slowly, or let them pass me, so as to give a view, IF they want to look. I am quite visible under the street lights. I don't stick around to reveal my license plate too long or anything like that, but it gives me one h*** of a rush when they look, and react. I've done this several times. One lady just stared with wide eyes as she oogled my hardware. Loved it very much.

  • Exposing yourself like that can get you arrested. In some places it could also require you to register as a s** offender. Not fun at all.

  • Do you do this on 57 in Chicago?

  • Sure, it seems like fun until you get arrested. Keep it in your pants until you get somewhere private.

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