I've been married to my wife for more than 6 months and she still refuses to give up the ass. I thought after we got married she'd be more willing but I was wrong. So I found this older married woman (49) to be my mistress and she is more than willing to give up the ass and she does a lot of other really nasty s*** too. Actually she's a dirty perverted freak and she never says no to anything and I was really lucky that she wasn't already in another relationship outside her marriage so she could take me on and be my mistress. Its like it was meant to be and I finally have the filthy b**** that I've always needed in my life.

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  • Why is that most men want to pound the ass. For me there is no reason at all to leave that beautiful v*****. eat it make love to it and make sure she has more fun than you do and I assure you she will always want you there between her legs!!

  • It should be a law that a wife HAS to be a three-holer her entire married life.

  • i would sign that petition to make it a law

  • My wife quit giving up the ass about 4 yrs ago and I have hated her every since.

  • your wife is going to end up divorcing you when she finds out what your doing

  • I've got an older mistress too and I love it. She's exactly twice the age I am and she is one seriously hot f***. I love her.

  • All of these older women posting on here are probably the same bored teen, varying the story.

  • All of these older women posting with basically that same thank you message are the same person

  • All these supposed older women that are supposedly cheating on their husband, is the same person that just keeps changing the story a bit.

  • Just wanted to say a big "THANKS" on behalf of us older married gals out here. Most of us would love to do part-time work with you younger married men............and singles! We love the hot s** and we love the hot cheating!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!

  • same here from a 47yo married mom who frequently goes out 'on the prowl' for younger men. thanks for thinking of us and connecting with us.

  • 52....and ditto!!!!

  • When I hit 40, I decided I wasn't getting enough at home so I started slipping out and sneaking around, always with younger men. That was 16 years ago, and my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. There's nothing hotter than spreading your legs and letting a young guy hit it over and over and over again. They love it, we love it, and it feels sooooooooooo f****** good you can't believe. So, thanks from me, too, for turning your radar on for us older women. WE NEED LOVE, TOO!!! Come and get it! :)

  • if i was your husband i'd kick your ass out!

  • another married lady here who needs a young stud. where are all you guys? i am sooooooooo ready for you!!

  • I am with you girls. I need some of that young d***, too.

  • I guess we're turning this into a cougar post, but that's okay. I love that young stuff, and I go out and get it whenever I can.

  • i am 17 and i would get with you anytime

  • I'm 44 and married and have been dating a 20yo guy VERY secretly for over 2 yrs. It's the best s** I ever had, with the biggest d*** I ever had in me, and we are both so good and so happy together.

  • As sad as it is to say, I'm thinking of doing the same.

  • I encourage you to do that. I was a little reluctant at first, myself, but once I met Rachel, that quickly faded: she has made a HUGE difference in my life. I hope you find someone, and soon.

  • I have someone in mind, a girl I was with a couple summers ago. She was an awesome f***, and loved sucking c***. I'm just afraid to contact her, I'm not very sneaky and definitely don't want to get caught. Any advice?

  • Just call her, or email her, or write her, telling her that you've been thinking about her, wondering how she is, hoping she's happy, etc., etc., etc., all within the realm of normal conversation that you've had with her in the past. Be upbeat and casual, without pressure or expectation: ask about her, her work and so on, and about her love life, and let her talk. That's worth repeating: let her talk. People love to talk about what's happening -- or not happening -- with themselves. If she says she's not satisfied in her s** life, or is unhappy or unfulfilled, then that may be your opening. Or she may ask you about yours, and you can then honestly say that it's okay, but that you aren't getting something you've always loved and can't convince your wife to give you. If she doesn't already know that you're talking about a*** s**, you can mildly explain it to her, in non-graphic terms. Or, you could invite her to meet you for coffee or lunch or drinks or whatever, and allow the conversation to float in that general direction. You know her, and I don't, so just let the sexual past that the two of you shared drift toward and settle over the two of you, and see how it evolves. It almost certainly will not happen on first contact, but with a few repeat conversations or meetings, that old nasty fire will reignite and then, you'll be (ahem) "in". Go for it, and enjoy yourself. A*** s** is an important part of a sexual relationship, and when it's absent, it's awful. Have fun!

  • Awesome! Thanks!

  • I wish you fantastically good luck. I absolutely adore the woman I'm involved with, and she has made all the difference in my life and has quickly become the most important person in my life. Yes, she gives me the a*** s** I'm not getting in my marriage, but she does so much more for me, sexually and romantically, that I can't imagine having a life that she isn't in. I really hope you find someone like her, and would encourage you to look for women older than you, because they are usually much more skilled and more experienced........and more h****! Go get you one!!!

  • You thought your wife would give that to you AFTER you got married? LOL

  • Maybe I was kidding myself, but I actually did think she'd be more into experimenting; however, not only was she uninterested in a***, she wouldn't try much of any other unconventional things either. However, Rachel has fixed all that for me: there's NOTHING she won't do.

  • When my wife and I have s**, she's always on bottom, just taking it. That's all she wants to do. And on the rare occasion (& I do mean rare) she's really h**** she'll ride me, but that's not often

  • Very sorry to hear that. As I mentioned in another comment, I think a*** s** is as important as anything else in a relationship, and when you aren't getting it, the whole relationship suffers and things are just miserable.

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